Day 315 – Dolphin Swim


     Well this day was like no other.  I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins.  I had a seal steal a wave I was body surfing on before but I’ve never swam with a dolphin. 

     All the overweight worries never came to pass today.  They had a life vest that fit and looked like everybody elses.  I was able to get in and out of the pool with ease.  I was able to hold on for a dorsal swim. Finally, the dolphins were able to Foot Push me across the pool with no problems. 

     I’m such a fish.  After swimming with the dolphins I put in another 30 minutes of Water Aerobics.  Oh and Solomon even walked to the park twice today!

It was a great day!


  1. How fun, Shelli! I’m so glad that you were able to fulfill this dream. And that your weight didn’t run into any problems during your experience!

  2. !!!!! What a magnificent day! You look so happy–and no wonder! So happy for you.

    I’m going to spend a few moments now, deciding what to pack for my trip to Hawaii….


  3. What an adorable photo… kissed by a dolphin! Sounds like a fantastic time… what great memories you are making.

  4. Shelli, you are just all aglow! I love it. You are so gorgeous.

    It looks like you had a really wonderful time and I am so glad you didn’t feel uncomfortable at any time.

  5. Well, I wouldn’t want you to get too “bored” there with nothing to do, so I have tagged you for a blog Award! Ha ha ha ha…

    Visit my blog here for details:

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