Starting Over Again


I just read my very first post from 2009.  It is amazing how similar I feel right now and how I felt back then.

Flashback Post: Day 1 Hello World 
09/09/0 9 –  What can happen in a little over a year?

Time is going to pass so why not have a set focus of time and let’s see what can happen. I’m a little nervous about writing. I’ve erased more sentences than I can count since I’ve started writing just a minute ago.  I’ve written blogs posts in my mind since June but have not taken the first step of actually writing.

So this is the beginning of an incredible REAL and TRUTHFUL Year.

Flash Forward
 .   .   . As I come back after a very long ..(Hmm what should we call it? Choose one:  Hiatus? Binge? Deception? Lie?  Break?)  I found that the same reasons for initially starting the blog are the same now, however, this time I’m not just going to see what happens.  I’m going to set more measurable goals with a shorter time frame.

I’ve been putting off blogging for sometime now because I haven’t wanted to be accountable.  But after reading previous posts it was truly a way to be honest about a healthy lifestyle that I want to live.   So once I say it I have to follow through.  I’m going to be truthful to myself and see what a difference a 90 days can make.


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