Year 2 Review Part 5 ~ Medical Problem #1


April and May 2011                Tri-the-Kenai Derailed  —  Whew CountdownThe best App I have installed on my i-Phone is my Count Down Calendar.    At the time of my gallbladder surgery I had exactly 6 weeks until the TRI.  That was significant because after 2 days in the hospital the doctor said that I couldn’t exercise or lift anything over 15 lbs for 6 weeks.  Well there goes the TRI.  So something that I couldn’t picture was by no means going to come into vision.  I was disappointed but also relieved at the same time.  I had to halt everything.  I remember texting Angie with a now  infamous quote of ours, “I have a little story to tell you.” She hates those texts because it wouldn’t be the last one for the year.   In this next year I’m bound and determined to picture what healthy and athletic looks like. Even just last week as I had my first training session in 5 months I still couldn’t picture me at a goal weight or even in a goal activity.  It’s my homework for the New Year.       Gallbladder surgery should be a relatively routine surgery or so I’ve been told.  I should have known better when my discharge from the hospital was delayed by a day due to pain and at my first doctors appointment I gained 6 lbs.  Who has surgery and gains 6 lbs?  Well for a week after the surgery I had actually been leaking bile into my abdomen.  I knew something was wrong because of the intense pain but I had also noticed that I was bloated.  I was a 20 lb. deflated balloon because of the weight loss but I was now filling back up. T.M.I. I know.  I believed that the pain I was experiencing wasMay 2011 normal and that I should just take it, fortunately, my friend S~ took charge.  I then began to witness a network of friends that came to my aide that just really showered me with love, care and time.  By the time the doctor discovered the leak my mother was on her way from Ca so she too could also see my ROCKS in action. From ladies of KNL to coworkers and friends I was well cared for and prayed for.  I had two more surgeries and even one required me to be medevac to Anchorage.  Serious? Right?  I missed 3 weeks of school and only showed up for the normal “hoop-la” at the end of quarter.  My co-workers rallied around and provided lesson plans and sub guidance and my KNL ladies provided meals. I am truly blessed.  Little did I know that 2 months later I’d be traveling down the same road again.


  1. Yikes! Glad they figured out what went wrong and I love that you had so much support!

  2. Happy New Year Shelli! Just catching up on your blog. It looks like 2011 was a super challenging year. Glad you are feeling better. Here’s to a good year ahead.

  3. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the rest of your story….and I already know it! So glad you’re back.

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