More or less? How about just write.


So as I planned to start writing again I felt the need to tell everyone about the last six months.  But then I realized just like in weight loss I needed to remember not to worry about the 150 lbs. but the first 5 lbs. and so on.

So I’ll fill you in on the last six months as I go but lets talk about now…..

Once again Hawaii has been wonderful. Last year I explored the island by myself and with  a few new people I met at my sisters’s church.  They were wonderful hosts and introduced me to so many unique local beaches.  This year my mom and co-worker came for the first two weeks.  That is why I haven’t be able to write.  We didn’t want to be crazy tourist but we were and we have loved every minute.

Andrea met my mother when she was in Alaska helping me recover from Gallbladder surgery (Those pesky little holes in my story from the last six months).  What better place to recuperate than Hawaii?  It’s been 7 weeks since my surgery and I’ve been able to return to normal exercise routines for the last week and a half.  In fact signing up at 24 hour fitness was the very first thing I did when I arrived on the island.  I don’t have the same trainer as last year but my new trainer Christie has been just as tough.  Let me tell you after 6 weeks of rest after surgery your body goes down hill in a hurry.  I have to be careful with abdominal exercises but the rest is going fine.  I really lost a lot of strength and stamina.  In a weeks time I’ve already seen an improvement and lets just say Christie is the queen of squats.

So let’s see some facts

January 2011 Weight 356.7

I lost -7.6 pounds since landing in Hawaii 2011

2009 Starting Weight : 365.1
2011  Current Weight: 318.8

Total overall pounds lost: 46.3

Hawaii 2010 starting weight 354.0 lbs. Departure weight 339.2 lbs.
Hawaii 2010 Weight Loss 14.8 lbs.

Hawaii 2011 starting weight 326.4 lbs.  Can’t wait to see what happens 🙂


  1. Congratulations on arriving in Hawaii weighing less than you did when you left last year! 😀

    I’m glad you’re back.


  2. Shelli!!! So nice to see you! Glad you are recuperating well and in Hawaii.

    Looking forward to hearing more about what has been going in your life.

    Enjoy your time in Hawaii!!!

  3. Hey, Shelli, been thinking about you and just checking in. I hope all is well.

    My URL has changed and I updated it in my sign-in


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