We’ll give this another try – Great Success


Great success began here in Hawaii so why not start again?

I’ve been putting this off for way too long.  After reaching my Blogoversary with less than stellar results I began to question so many things.  What did I have to report? Why was I doing this?  Are people going to listen after seeing my pics?  What do I have to report?  So after time it just became easier and easier not to report.  Now its the fear that once I start reporting the beast will be back out of the bag and who knows what could happen?


So as I report on my time here in Hawaii I’ll also report on past Highs and Lows of the last 6 months. Fortunately there are more low highs.


  1. How good to hear from you again, Shelli! And what a great PLACE to be writing from. 🙂
    I think questions are a good thing. I look forward to hearing any of the answers you feel like sharing.

  2. Yay!! Hawaii, too? Seems like the perfect reset button, Shelli! I’ll still be here no matter how you have changed. I’m looking forward to the highs and lows that you share.

    And don’t feel bad! I haven’t been diligent about posting, either! Oops.

  3. You’re baaaaack!! I’m so, so glad, and wish I could watch a sunset with you tonight to celebrate 🙂

    Yes, ask the hard questions. Your journey this last year had been an incredible one, though different from what you expected. You have so much to share and offer…I’m eager to see what happens!

    Love you, dear friend.

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