9/9 to 10/10 Challenge Check In #5


2x Workout with Angie my trainer
Monday & Friday workouts are great but there is a lot that can happen in-between.  On Monday each lift was in reaction to one of my classes. “Period 8 — Grr Period 7 Grrr” and then by Friday I just had to pound the treadmill to find a little peace.

7x Log my food – 1800-2000 cal. Yep I predicted it last week an “all at once” mentality is a sure-fire way to sabotage success. The carb thing really tripped me out and I had to make concerted efforts to eat correctly.  Not a good place to be because I was eating according to the plan but I was too critical with each decision. I’ll need to keep this carb thing on the back burner but I know it is an area for improvement.

5x I will be in bed by 10.
Hee Haaww 100%!!!!!

  64 oz of water a day.
This goal is coming along nicely. I need to budget more in the morning hours. It’ll make for better sleep.

7x Prayer and study
As stated in the Hot 100 update I was really at a point of white knuckling it on Friday and the thought of the gym just aggravated me.  Fortunately, I paused prayed and pounded it out on the treadmill.

Proud  Whew! We made it! 

Thanks for taking this challenge with me.  From your postings I know it challenged us to refocus and grow.

I’ll announce the winner of the Challenge on Monday. 🙂

How was your week?

(I know it’s a little redundant for all us Hot 100’s. The benefit of any Challenge is the support and being accountable for a period of time.
Whatever it takes it’s what we do).

Here are our fellow Challenger Winners:

Have a great week!

Day 30 – “That’s my girl”


  1. Sounds like you had a great week!
    We did it, we finished! Yay!!!!
    Here is my last 9/9/ to 10/10 Challenge Update.

    Thanks for doing this challenge Shelli. You are right, that is helps with focus. And what a great way to wrap up your year of blogging. 🙂


  2. Congrats on your results and thanks for a great challenge!

    Here’s the link to my wrap up post:


  3. First of all, let mesay that I agree with you whole-heartedly. This challenge certainly made me refocus and grow – two things I was in dire need of. This challenge has certainly made a difference for me too.

    My goals are:
    – Exercise four days a week – I did this, but barely. I am not proud of my performance this week.
    – No cereals for the duration of the challenge – I have to be honest, I cannot wait for this challenge to end so I can eat a bowl of cereal! 🙂
    – No eating other than a sugar-free popsicle after dinner – I have done so-so on this during this week.
    – Only one “overeating” meal allowed weekly – I haven’t had an overeating meal, but I have certainly eaten too much this weekend. Not all in one meal, but grazing is dangerous.

    Shelli – thanks again for this challenge. You may not realize this, but it was this challenge that pushed me back into the groove. I really, really needed this.

  4. Shelli!!!! Wahoo, girl, we did it!

    First, my most proud of: Despite ridiculous difficulty, I forced myself to focus and refocus and focus again on this challenge.

    It just hit at a bad time for me–lumpectomy the day before the start, eye crisis the week after the start, a 3 week bout of the flu the week after that!

    In fact, my pastor prayed for me at church today–for the first time in over 3 weeks, I can take a deep breath! Thank you, Jesus! I was beginning to fear the my lungs were damaged.

    I’ve been distracted, but, your faithful weekly posts kept me at it. I am so pleased that I didn’t give up! And that you didn’t either. 😀

    Now, my goals and results: 1. Eat veggies–100%. 2. Stay between 1200 & 1300 calores each day–average daily cals this week: 1282.

    3. Walk 12 miles a week. 😦 I did 10 miles. I had the last 2 planned for today, but at church this morning I found out that the brother of a friend had died and the memorial service was this afternoon. No walk for me. But, I would have done it. So it was close. Again, I left it to the last minute. :{

    All in all, tho, I feel like I ended well.

    And, Shelli, CONGRATULATIONS on the sleep thing. That is HUGE!!!!

    Wahoo, girl, we be HOT! And your challenge has helped fuel our fire.


  5. It looks like you had a fantastic week!

    I really need to do better with the prayer and bible study. I know when I do, everything just seems to go smoother.

    (Stopping by from the Hot 100 Challenge!)

  6. 1. Log my calories consumed in LoseIt on my iPhone every day regardless if I’m on track or not from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: OK, so I’ve found that the days I workout, I also am much better with logging my calories. So this means when I’m on track, I’m really on track. And when I’m not, I’m SO not. I did 4/7 days well then fell apart on the weekend :-).

    2. I have my mini goal with a one-week time line to workout before work (requiring me to wake up at 6 am) every day between 9/13-9/19. <–Extended for three more weeks. I like this goal.

    UPDATE: After getting overly tired from burning the candle at both ends, I just had to pick a priority, and right now that's staying sane. I'll still keep trying as I can, and I do still want to get there eventually, but not 100% right now.

    3. Complete my first round of 60 days Insanity on 10/6, without skipping any workout.

    UPDATE: I skipped two workouts this week because I was just so sore (these workouts are just so hard!) but I did everything I could. I'm about to go finish my last workout, the final fit test!

    4. Post SOMETHING on my blog every day, with at least 3 a week being an actual article, from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: Again, priorities kept me from getting to this one. I'm in three grad classes that are in the midst of mid-terms, we found out we'll officially be moving to louisiana (got my job offer), and now we're getting the house ready to be appraised and sold while looking at houses in LA. Oh, and I'm still working 9+ hours, and cooking dinner, hah! Anyway, so yeah, this slid. In the future I need to make this goal something like "at least 3 posts" so I can do them on the weekend and then stagger, or something like that.

    Thing I’m proud of: I made it through the whole challenge! Usually I just stick with something for a week or two, then an excuse gets in the way. There's a big difference between falling off the wagon for two days rather than two months. It did open my eyes to why I often don't see progress when I'm "working so hard" to lose weight. I may work hard three days, but then I tucker out and eat horrible for the rest of the week. Sometimes just knowing what the trend is helps to solve the problem, so I'll be working on this in the weeks to come.

    Thank you so much for running this challenge, Shelli! It was a real eye-opener while still being encouraging and not an "all or nothing" challenge that is good for the first few weeks then people drop like flies when a rough weekend/week hits. That's life though, and we need to learn how to make it through rough patches without falling completely away from our goals. I can't imagine a year without rough patches!

    And congratulations on 100% going to bed early!


  7. […] Here is a wrap up of my final check in of the 9/9-10/10 challenge, as posted on ShelliBelly.com: […]

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