9/9 to 10/10 Challenge Check In #4


2x Workout with Angie my trainer
Worked on more Boot Camp style routines.  I have no rhythm and my head keeps telling my legs to be careful and the override command is winning.  Rebooting is difficult.
7x Log my food – 1800-2000 cal.  Really discovered how many carbs I’ve been eating.  It is a high number.  I’m going to try not to concentrate on too many new things.  All at once is a sure-fire way to sabotage my success.  I’ll keep it on the back burner but I know it is an area for improvement.
5x I will be in bed by 10.
This is still very difficult. I need to focus on this. I need the rest.
5x Drink 64 oz of water a day.
This goal is coming along nicely.  I need to budget more in the morning hours.  It’ll make for better sleep.
7x Prayer and study
I’m enjoying teaching my class on Wednesdays and the time spent in the Word.

Proud I’m so very proud of the Masters Swimming Team that I joined.  Most importantly I survived the work out. I thought the first two warmup sets were tough but then came the Main Set.  During the Main Set I swam 4 – 50’s as fast as possible with a 10 second rest between 50’s and I did that 4 times with a 3 minute break between sets. Whew, what a mouth full.  Are you just tired from reading it?  Now you know how I felt. Whew!

 How was your week? 
 (I know it’s a little redundant for all us Hot 100’s.  The  benefit of any Challenge is the support  and being accountable for a period of time.  What ever it takes it’s what we do).

Here are our fellow Challengers

Have a great week!

Day 30 – “That’s my girl”


  1. Wahoo, Shelli! Well. I did much better this week. I am so grateful for this challenge!

    Besides the fact that I’m loving the 9/9 to 10/10 thin. (I don’t know why that tickles me so much.) This challenge was the wake-up call I needed to realize that I was ono a slippy slope!

    Anyway, my goals:

    1. Stay within range of 1200 – 1300 cals a day. YES! My daily cal intake averaged out to 1285. 😀

    2. Eat 4 servings of veggies a day. YES! and then some.

    3. Walk 12 miles. 😦 I am sooo annoyed with this. I only walked 9 miles. I would have done the last 3 miles yesterday–BUT!

    I had my 3 year old granddaughter all day and so couldn’t walk until afternoon. At 5:23pm, I went upstairs to change into my walking clothes. I mean I was feet away from the bedroom. And something came up that I could not avoid–by the time I could leave the house, it was too close to dusk for me to walk. (I can’t see when the light gets low.) Arrrrggghhhh!

    At least I was on schedule to get my goal, and got the other two.

    Great job on YOUR goals, girlfriend. I think the nutritional component of our eating is progressive. I’ve seen that in a lot of us. First, it’s just get the amount of food undeer control, then fine-tuning the content from generally cutting out hi-cal stuff to focusing on specific nutrition. So, your in the right groove. 😀

    Great job. OH! I just realized that we only have one more week! I ama going to nail those goals this week for sure!!!!


    • Oops. Forgot the “proud of”.

      I’m most proud of really pushing thru with these goals. Even tho I didn’t make the walking one, it really wasn’t entirely my fault. I would have done it if I hadn’t had an unexpected event. This week, I’ll get more done at the beginning of the week to give me some leeway!

      😀 Deb

      • We’re doing it.
        Eating is more of the battle than we realize.
        So happy for you.

  2. Update for 10/03:
    My challenge goals are:
    Do resistance training three times a week
    Add protein to each meal
    Eat five fruits and vegetables per day

    Only one week left of this challenge and I’m still doing good. Yea Me!! I found out that my stomach hurting wasn’t due to eating to much fruit so I’m back to eating a lot of it.

    I got a set of bands that came with a book/dvd I received for review and haven’t tried them yet so I’m going to do my resistance training with them next week.

    I’m eating protein with every meal. Yum!!

    What I’m most proud of this week:
    Not giving in when I wanted to skip something this week.

    • Great Job. The resistant bands are great. Angie tied one around my ankles last week and had me walk around the room side stepping the whole way. The hard part was getting them off. You’ll love it.

      Keep up the good work.

  3. Looks like you’re doing awesome things around here – keep it up!

  4. Here’s my update Shelli:

    – Exercise four days a week – I did this and then some! Woot!
    – No cereals for the duration of the challenge – I am really struggling with this one. The box in the house is calling my name, but this challenge is calling louder!
    – No eating other than a sugar-free popsicle after dinner – I have done great with this during the past week. Being out of town helps.
    – Only one “overeating” meal allowed weekly – I only had one overeating meal. I shouldn’t have done it then either, but I was weak.

    It looks like you are doing great so far!

  5. I had a great week!

    So my update is as follows.

    1. Log my calories consumed in LoseIt on my iPhone every day regardless if I’m on track or not from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: I just can’t get inspired to do this one, probably because I really don’t trust my measurements. It seems like every day I track I come up with what should put me in the weight loss zone but nothin’. I know muscle and stuff, but how do I know I’m just not over-/underestimating things?

    2. I have my mini goal with a one-week time line to workout before work (requiring me to wake up at 6 am) every day between 9/13-9/19.

    UPDATE: Good Monday-Wed (in fact, awesome those days). Thursday I had shin splints and Friday I had a small mental breakdown (grad school related) but Saturday I rocked my 5k at 7 am. 4 out of 6 this week!

    3. Complete my first round of 60 days Insanity on 10/6, without skipping any workout.

    UPDATE: Check on the first three days, then no check on the last three. This week I have no 5k so no excuses.

    4. Post SOMETHING on my blog every day, with at least 3 a week being an actual article, from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: I had a ton of homework due this week, so I tried to not use the blog as a form of procrastination. I have a bunch of posts early in the week before I realized this was going on.

    Thing I’m proud of: I did my SECOND 5k and my time was WAY better. I went from 43 minutes to 38:55! That’s a 12:28 min/mile pace! And I ran almost the entire thing except for two 10 second walk breaks! Several weeks ago I couldn’t even run 1 mile at 12:28 average pace, let alone 3, and I think my average mile time was around 15 minutes. I’d say that’s improvement!

    Until next week!

  6. Sorry to be so late getting my update in Shelli! But here we go:
    1. Exercise 6 days per week.
    –I did exercise, but only with the rebounder. It FINALLY clicked as to why I have struggled to do the DVD’s… I used to do those on the days when Jim was at work. Well, duh, he’s been off work for weeks now! I didn’t even get it that I was using that as an excuse til TODAY! eek.

    2. CAREFULLY track calories.
    –I’ve done better here. I think that when I realized that to make my goal of getting OUT of the 300’s by the end of the year, I can’t afford to waste even a day… well, that helped give me a reality check.

    3. One thing I feel proud about: hey, I actually have one this week! I went outside my comfort zone, and went to that art lecture on Saturday, and ended up loving it.

    Wow, only 1 week left on the challenge. Let’s make it a grand week!

  7. I love your swimming workout! You are really rocking it Shelli!

  8. Almost there!

    Way to go Shelli. Keep up the amazing work girl!

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