9/9 to 10/10 Challenge Check In #3


2x Workout with Angie my trainer
Workout once but had an incredible lesson at the grocery store.  Healthy is 80% food.  Without that knowledge I’m just spinning my wheels
7x Log my food – 1800-2000 cal
5x I will be in bed by 10.
This is really difficult.  I’m in bed but not asleep. Which is funny because my Flashback is about this subject.
5x Drink 64 oz of water a day.
I white knuckled this one.  It’s not a habit yet.
7x Prayer and study
I’m enjoying teaching my class on Wednesdays and the time spent in the Word.

Proud This week was more difficult than I had expected.  I left my desk a mess so many times so the victory was that I left each and everyday at a decent hour.  I then did positve things to stick with my goals.

How was your week?   

Here are our fellow Challengers

 Even though it’s to late to be eligible for the prize drawing at the end, anyone can still join in. The major benefit of any Challenge is the support from the other participants and being accountable for a period of time.
Come join us!

Day 17 – Sleep


  1. Well, hi, Shelli! Speaking of sleep–It’s 3:38 AM here–I just got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep. :}

    I sure am glad a sleep time wasn’t one of my goals!

    speaking of goals: they are: Stick to my calorie range of 1200-1300; Walk 12 miles a week; Eat 4 servings of veggies a day.

    Well–I did the veggie goal 6 of 7 days. I’ve had the flu, so only walked about 5 miles. And the calories–well, I managed that only 4 of 7 days.

    Proud: ! 😀 ! I finally pulled it together on Thursday. I hit my goals every day since–except I couldn’t catch up the walking, of course.

    I’m hoping this next week will be a 100%!

    Thanks for hosting this challenge–and I’m sorry I’ve been such a dud. :{ But things are looking up!


    • P.S. Good job on hanging in there! Leaving a messy desk can be hard to do–and your other goals are not cinch either! You’re an excellent Challenge example. 😀 Deb

      • Thanks Deb I needed that Thursday refocus as well. I’m thankful for the Hot 100.

        Its tough but we’re working it out day by day. A little at a time.

  2. Congrats on the 5 star week, Shelli! What a wonderful week you had.

    I hear ya on the sleep, too. Since tracking it with my new little Fitbit (kind of like a little bodybugg) I’ve been surprised and dismayed to discover how little actual sleep I am really getting.

    Being in bed is one thing.. being ALSEEP is another! This little thing tracks how many times I am awake and wiggling around, vs not moving (and presumedly asleep). Yikes! I was definitely overestimating before how much actual sleep I got.

    Oh yeah, my update on my challenge goals:
    1) Exercise. I did the rebounding, but didn’t do the DVD’s. I will definitely do that this week. For SURE.

    2) Carefully track calories. Getting better. For some reason I try to tell myself I have been doing this long enough I can relax on it… yet every time I do that, I get into trouble. So, careful it must be.

    3) Proud about: okay, I could trump something up, but to be honest, I really can’t think of anything I feel “proud” about. I CAN say I feel very thankful about several things… just staying connected to my bloggy friends this week has meant a lot to me. Kind of kept me plugged in and going in the right direction, even when I didn’t “feel” it. I can’t take credit for that, but DO feel thankful for that.

    Tell ya what… I’ll kick up the exercise a notch this week, and next week I will have that to feel proud about!! 😀


    • I’ so thankful for my Bloggy friends. You all are so important to me as we walk this road together.

      Hmmm I think my Bodybugg would track my wiggle as well I should wear it to bed.

      Tracking calories is what we have to do you know since we’re addicts. Amazing how those calories just creep up when we’re not watching. We’re not there yet but someday. Until then we have to do what we do right?

      Proud — The Day to Day it has to be enough Whew the day to day.

      • The Fitbit actually has a “sleep” setting you put it into when you go to bed. So it can tell you how many times you wake up and wiggle.. and even if you don’t remember, your sleep was disrupted enough to make you move. And of course, the inactive times, which it interprets as deep sleep.

        It’s been shocking to me how many times I wake enough to wiggle around! Some nights it’s as hight as 19 times. I’m having to accept that to get 8 hours of actual sleep, I need to be IN the bed about 9 hours. Aaarrghh!

        I might not LIKE the info it gives me, but at least now I can do something about it. 🙂 So overall, it’s a useful tool.

  3. Here’s my report for the week:

    – Exercise four days a week – I did terrible on this one. I think I only exercised one day this week. That will not be the case in the upcoming week.
    – No cereals for the duration of the challenge – I have had a box of cereal on the counter during this whole challenge, and I haven’t opened it yet. It is because of this challenge too!
    – No eating other than a sugar-free popsicle after dinner – I have done fair on this one. This week has been odd with all the extra work though.
    – Only one “overeating” meal allowed weekly – Only one overeating meal this week – last Sunday. Grrr!

    • Boy I couldn’t keep that temptation out on the counter. See it has no power over you. Way to go.

      Steve I’m so thankful that this challenge is going to continue on until the end of the year through the Hot 100. Most of all the Fellow Hottie Challengers are so supportive.

      We’re finishing strong.

  4. Good job this week, Shelli! I love that you’re making sure you leave on time, even if your desk is still messy–way to go!

  5. This last week wasn’t so great for me. I think everything just caught up with me, then a flu shot mid-week threw me off even further. But I’m on track again and this week will be much better! Thanks, Shelli, for keeping with your goals and posting your progress! It inspires me so much to do the same!

    So my update is as follows.

    1. Log my calories consumed in LoseIt on my iPhone every day regardless if I’m on track or not from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: Not so great again this week, and I’m not seeing the scale move any. I think there’s a correlation. I’ll focus on this extra hard this next week.

    2. I have my mini goal with a one-week time line to workout before work (requiring me to wake up at 6 am) every day between 9/13-9/19.

    UPDATE: Good on monday, sick on tuesday, slept in wednesday, sick again thursday, a little workout on friday, then my 5k in the morning on saturday. So that’s like, 2.5/6 successful attempts. Better than zero. This next week will be better (and I’m going to feel better!).

    3. Complete my first round of 60 days Insanity on 10/6, without skipping any workout.

    UPDATE: Missed two workouts when I was sick, but Monday I’ll start day 50. Fresh week, and I WILL complete every workout this week! Even on Saturday if I do another 5k. I’ll just do what I can, every day, even if I’m tired. If I miss working out in the morning, I will complete my workout during lunch (and I HATE doing this so extra motivation to wake up early!).

    4. Post SOMETHING on my blog every day, with at least 3 a week being an actual article, from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: Missed a few days early in the week (I think I just forgot about it!) but posted 5 quality posts this week.

    Thing I’m proud of: I did my first 5k in a few years yesterday. Time was 43 minutes, but I got a mile time of 11:50! That’s darn good for me! My adrenaline was up, haha. I also got a friend of mine to do it with me (she’d never done a race) and she already signed up for another one this next weekend! I’ll probably do it too, just need to finish my registration. I LOVE races. Just the energy and atmosphere. I’m glad I started them up again.

  6. THAT SO ROCKS that you are in masters swimming… you will love it!

  7. My challenge goals are:
    Do resistance training three times a week
    Add protein to each meal
    Eat five fruits and vegetables per day

    Update for 9/26:

    Still doing pretty good but I didn’t do resistance training all three days, so that’ll be a priority this week.

    Adding protein to each meal has not been a problem at all.

    My stomach has been bothering me for a few days and I think I may be eating to much fruit, so I’ve stopped eating as much. If it still hurts, I’ll go back to eating it like I was and try something else, like cutting back on certain veggies.

    Thing I’m most proud of is that I still am resisting desserts when we eat out, eating fruit instead.

  8. Hi from the HOT 100.

    2 challenges, I am impressed. I like your goals for the HOT 100. I too have issues with going to bed on time. Drives hubby nuts.

  9. Heyyyyy, Shelli! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve still got your challenge in my sites! I haven’t let the Hot 100–as HOT as it is–push yours to the sideline. 😀

    I’m lovin the whole 10/10/10 thing. I know, I’m such a nerd… Do people still say “nerd”?

    Hope you’re rockin your challenges, too.


  10. Shelli, I am so sorry for flaking on your challenge. It was totally unintentional! Gah!

    Loved your flashback.
    You are awesome.
    That is all!

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