Good Day – Tough Day – Good Day


Monday – Good Day –

     So much of this day was right on target.  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and hit the gym.  I did intervals on the treadmill.  It felt great to know that I already had done something really nice for myself.   My meals were planned and my water was met with no hassle.  My classes rolled on just as planned and I was even able to have a number of laughs throughout the day.  Every Monday we need to post grades ad lesson plans which I took care of over the weekend.  I felt so on top of things.  Emails were answered, websites created, and room cleaned all before I headed to the gym once again.  This time at the gym I was ready for Angie to show me once again what I could do.   Each time I learn something new.  Who knew that I could do 3 sets of 12 squats with 30 lbs dumbbells in each hand. Just amazing.  Then to my amazement I turn around and have total difficulty doing step ups and just plain getting off the floor after doing push ups. I have to continually talk to my brain to tell it to allow my body to push forward.  I love the process and how each time I’m getting stronger.   After success at the gym I even went home a cooked. That’s right chicken veggies and even rice.  What a great day.  If only they could all be this way.

Tuesday – Tough Day –

My things to do list has taken over. 

I need to … I need to …
I should … I should ….

     I recently said no to an extra assignment at work because of my decision to be healthy but that doesn’t cover the pressures I put on myself on a day-to-day basis.  I like to be a step ahead at work.  My students are so on target that if I don’t keep moving it I feel that I’ll lose control.  I’ve been prepared for the lessons but the little things are not being done.  Unfortunately, those little things cause me a lot of stress.   The pressure turns me into a teacher that is not having a lot of fun.  I become that teacher that is so so serious.   That teacher that has a short fuse. That teacher whose voice tone can stop a kid in their tracks.  That teacher that is connected to the material but not the student.  Lets’s face it if the teacher ain’t happy then nobody is happy.  These are things that I am feeling because I know that in the past I’ve done so much better. Then again in the past I’ve spent countless hours after school handling those piles that are now building up.  I hope only a few students are sensing this.  I put on a good front but I know it is not how I want to teach or even spend my days. In moments like these I would usually head for the drive-thru and spend another 6 hours at school but not today.

How could I have two days back-to-back at total extremes on the scale. 
Whew what would Wednesday bring?

Wednesday – Good Day –

     I’m very thankful for new beginnings.  I made a decision not to sweat the little piles.  I let it go.  I chose that which is more important to me such as health, ah-ha moments, kids learning in a fun atmosphere and peace from Him who I trust. 

     I chose my thoughts today by being in the moment.  What could be left for another time I didn’t even consider.  The decision was mine I was in control and not the “to do’s or the should haves.”  I just let go and chose what I wanted.  I wanted quality interaction with my students and time to calmly study th Word and to be healthy.    By doing this my whole mood changed and I was actually able to take care of a few piles.  By the time I left school I had a pile graded and even wrote an email for December.    My choices actually changed my mood that allowed me to push forward through the stress.    I did choose wisely today which led to success with every 09/09 to 10/10 Challenge Goal.   (Its amazing when the Flash Back matches).

Flash Back
Day 14 – Discipline That Leads To Joy 



  1. Ahh, that flashback. It flashed just for me! That whole passage in Hebrews has always been meaningful to me, and lately, it has jumped back on stage in a big way.

    Thanks. It’s exactly what i needed to hear as I embark on Steve’s Hot 100–and also embark on overcoming a recent gain on the scale. :} God is good. Deb

  2. i went and read your flashback, and yes, how amazing that it fit so perfectly for now! That has been happening a lot to me, too, looking back at old posts.

    Only God could arrange such amazing “coincidences”!

    And yay, glad you are jumping into the Hot 100 challenge, too.

  3. Glad to see your doing the Hot 100 challenges. I hope you find great success with your goals. Look forward to following your progress.

  4. I am so impressed with your consistency and your work outs with Angie! Keep up the good work! Thrilled that you are doing the hot 100 too!

  5. Hi Shelli, I popped over from Steve’s site to see how you’re doing. We have a lot in common. I was a teacher (librarian in a county primary school) and thoroughly understand balancing admin needs, lesson plans, and being a great teacher. It’s totally tough some days, but you cherish those wonderful days when you can actually see your students connecting the dots and loving it. Good luck on meeting your goals. This is my first year. I’m determined to do this. We can both do it.

  6. You are doing it. I am impressed with all the work you’ve been doing. Keep it up and in no time at all you’ll have made it. I’ll be stopping by to check in on you.
    Take care and have a blessed Sunday!

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