Freedom within Boundaries


I have the Mighty Mo going for me right now.  Everything is moving along at a good pace. I have been logging my food, planning my days well and exercising.  It feels so great to be in control.  I’m making great decisions and have tons of pride.  I think it even rubs off on my teaching.  The kids and I had such a great day.

I finished my back to back workouts with Angie.  We focussed on legs and abs.  I don’t have a another workout with her until next Monday so I need to keep within the boundary. I’m going to massively prep meals for the week over the weekend.  I need quick and easy recipes.  I’m looking to try to get away from my Eat Right Meals.  I want fresh food that are high impact grains, protein, veggies and fruits.  We’re going FRESH. I’m even sending a photo of my prep cooking to Angie for accountability.

The workout today was unbelievable.  I did 8 dumbbell squats with a 30 lbs weight.  That’s even after doing  12-10’s of 20 and 25 lbs respectfully.  I never thought that I would ever get past 15 lbs.   Crazy!!!   I even had a great time showing some friends the squat moves that Angie had taught me.  I LOVE IT!  Then we headed over to do a simple step up and after 20 years of compensating for my knee I really had to talk to my head and tell it to let my body take the step.  I knew I could do it but my mind was saying to be careful.  It’ll come in time.  Anything I do right now if I can’t do it I’ll say “YET!”  “I can’t do it YET!” but soon.

Day 6 – Finances and Weight


  1. “I can’t do it YET!” but soon.”

    I do that, too. People might not realize how powerful that is, but it totally changes the mindset away from the “I can’t” mentality… just that one word, YET.

    Such great progress you are making!

    • Ditto!

  2. Wow, Shelly, I can totally hear the passion and excitement in your post! Keep it up!!

    • Keep that fire burning!!!!

  3. Love you positive attitude!

    I have problems with my knee and was afraid exercising would make it worse, but it seems to be making it better.

    • I never thought that I’d be able to do a squat. Lunges are another story. And to that I say YET 🙂

  4. My goal this week is just to work up slowly to be able to walk one mile without pain. I know I can do it but it has been hitting me about the half mile point.

    Glad the workouts are working for you and I know your excitement.

  5. You’re doing so great, Shelli! I really love your attitude! Makes me want to go 100% at everything as well! Keep it up!

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