Building Patterns of Self-control


 Oh I had such a great day today.  Not once was I tempted to eat anything that was off program.  It was so easy to do what I knew to be right and because of that I didn’t spend too much time in my head.   I need to spend some more time being creative with meals.  I’m just not a cook. To that comment I have to say “YET!”   I’m really going to have to try some quick meals that my trainer Angie suggested.   It’s a matter of getting organized and choosing my schedule a little more wisely.

I worked out with Angie today.  I think that is why I couldn’t post earlier because I couldn’t feel my arms.  I feel so strong after this type of workout.  I still can’t believe how much Angie pushes me and I say “Let’s go!”

Day 5 – Not in an instant


  1. It really is all about getting into a groove and making real, lasting habits. Nice work, Shelli!!

    • Staying in the groove and not in a rut.

      Safety within the boundary. 🙂

  2. I’m rooting for you Shelli!
    Always in your court!
    ~ jolynn

    • Thank You! I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re my very best-est friend.
      Love you

  3. Ya get into a routine. It alot easier that way.

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