9/9 to 10/10 Challenge Check In #1


1. 2x a week – 
Workout with Angie my trainer
2. 7x a week –
Log my food – 1800-2000 calories
3. 5x a week –
I will be in bed by 10.
4. 5x a week – 
Drink 64 oz of water a day.
5. Prayer and study

So far so good.  The hardest is the water intake.  Geeze that’s a lot of water especially when I’d rather have tea. 

Proud –This week I am most proud about my workout sessions.  I like seeing the move demonstrated and then giving my all for three sets.  I even like when I can barely lift a weight and shake on the last 4 lifts.  What I am the most surprised about is my interval training on the treadmill.  I was able to walk at a 2.5 pace at a 5 elevation for a minute.  I couldn’t believe that I did it without knee pain.  It’ll be fun to look back on these numbers and track my improvement.
 Here are our fellow Challengers

Even though it’s too late to be eligible for the prize drawing at the end, anyone can still join in.  The major benefit of any Challenge  is the support from the other participants and being accountable for a period of time.  
Come join us!

It’s a start to a very good month.

Day 4 – Miracles — I’m here!


  1. Good job on your goals Shelli! I had trouble with the water in the beginning, but now that I am used to it, it is not a big deal. It just takes time.

    My goals and the respective updates are:

    – Exercise four days a week
    I exercised exactly four days, although two of them were pretty weak.
    – No cereals for the duration of the challenge
    No cereals this week. This goal actually was the one thing that kept me from eating cereal this week. 🙂
    – No eating other than a sugar-free popsicle after dinner
    I don’t know how to judge this one this week. All of my dinners were very, very late. I think I did okay.
    – Only one “overeating” meal allowed weekly
    And one overeating meal it was. 🙂

    I haven’t put up a blog post about it yet, but I will do so tonight on Log My Loss.

    • So glad that the idea of the Challenge let you stand strong. Its done the same for me.
      It is going to be a great month.

  2. Hi, Shelli! I haven’t done badly. This challenge has helped keep my nose to the grindstone. 🙂

    Goals: 1. Stay within 1200 to 1300 cals Mon thru Saturday. YEP! 2. 4 servings of veggies a day. YEP! 3. Walk 12 miles a week–which is 2 miles a day for 6 days. NO. Since we started Thursday, the 9th, I should have logged in 6 miles by now. I got 4 miles. I knew with the surgery (on the 8th), that I wouldn’t get this done this week. Next time. 🙂

    But, if it weren’t for this challenge, I wouldn’t have walked at all. Thanks again, Shelli!


    • I’m so learning that I can do far more than I ever think I could. Although just out of surgery don’t push yourself too hard. Great job on goals.

  3. Great job on your goals! I’m glad you started this, too.

    My goals were simple:
    1. Exercise 6 days per week. I started on Thursday the 9th, but did my dailies except for today, my day off.
    2. Carefully track calories.
    I wasn’t careful enough on the first day, and went over by 34 calories, LOL! Learned my lesson, been CAREFUL for real ever since! And wanna hear a funny? Until right this minute as I looked at my written goals, I forgot–FORGOT-that I get 1800 calories today. That’s hilarious to me. I NEVER forget when there’s food involved, LOL!


    • I love that you forgot about counting calories. How fun is that? I do believe that is progress.
      You’re off to a great week.

      • I forgot to include one thing to feel proud about! I guess it would have to be that when some BIG stressors hit this week, I didn’t eat a gazillion calories over it. I didn’t think of that earlier, because I kind of felt more grateful than proud… but I guess it can count, anyway. 😀

  4. Hi Everyone!

    SOOO! My goals are:

    1. Log my calories consumed in LoseIt on my iPhone every day regardless if I’m on track or not from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: So far so good, but I tend to forget during the weekend and only log at the end of the day. Better than nothing! At least I know. I’ll try to improve and log as I go.

    2. I have my mini goal with a one-week time line to workout before work (requiring me to wake up at 6 am) every day between 9/13-9/19.

    UPDATE: I started tapering my workout earlier in the day so that today I worked out at 3pm. About to go shower and go to bed so I’m ready to get up at 6am tomorrow! Wish me luck! This will be the hardest goal for me, just due to my habits. But habits can change and I can make new ones!

    3. Complete my first round of Insanity on 10/6, without skipping any workout.

    UPDATE: Going well except today’s workout was yoga based which is hard because it’s not as interesting to me! And I’m not flexible enough to do half the workouts. But I hit play and tried my best for over half of it. The “hard” ones are easy ’cause I like ’em!

    4. Post SOMETHING on my blog every day, with at least 3 a week being an actual article from 9/9-10/10.

    UPDATE: Oh! I almost missed today! I got all the other days though! OK, I’ll post something THEN shower and hit the sack!

    Sounds like everyone is doing GREAT! What a wonderful challenge!


    • What a great week. I think setting these goals have helped us all stay on track.

      Accountability is key.

  5. OK! All posted!

    The thing I am proud of this week is that my husband got into the grad school he wanted (YAY!) and our trust and faith in the Lord has so far allowed us to follow a path that has kept us together while letting both of us follow our career goals. It’s been difficult to just put that trust with God and not allow worry to cloud my days, but it’s amazing what just falls into place when you do your best then put the rest in the hands of the Lord.

    • How wonderful!

  6. Sorry, Shelli, I forgot the “Proud Thing” Reminds me of that old song, “Wild Thing” all of a sudden. chuckle.

    Anyway, my proud thing is that I really DID stick to my calorie goal of 1200 to 1300 cals. It was hard for some reason, too. I seem to be good at stopping at about 1000 calories, but when I get past 1200–well, I want to keep going.

    Next week, I’ll do a blog post for the challenge update and give you the link.


  7. Great job! You should be proud 😀

    • Lori thanks for your constant great example. The Chalengers did great this week didn’t they?

      We’ll see what a month has in store of us. 🙂

  8. My goals are:
    Do resistance training three times a week
    Add protein to each meal
    Eat five fruits and vegetables per day

    Update for 9/12:
    I only did resistance training once last week
    I added protein to every meal
    I ate five fruits and veggies every day!!! This was a hard one for me, not so much the veggies, but the fruit.

    I better do better next week for the resistance training goal! There’s no excuse for not doing it 3 times a week!

    What I was most proud of this week:
    Eating 5 servings of fruit each day. I’ve struggled with eating fruit for a long time. I love fruit but for some reason have never ate that much of it. But since this was one of my goals for the week, I started my day with a bowl of oats with a banana and a handful of black grapes. Throughout the day I’d eat one or two of the following: plum, nectarine, peach, cantaloupe or pineapple. YUM!!

    • Good plan with the fruit.

      Have you ever tried Green Smoothies? Its a sure fire way to get you veggies and fruit.
      This website has some good recipes.

      • I have a few different recipes for Green Smoothies but haven’t tried one yet. Thanks for the link!

  9. Gah! So sorry I didn’t make it here the other night when you first messaged me about it. It’s been a CRAZY Week! Count me in from now though, if that’s ok.

    5 goals for this week:
    -to ride my bike at least once
    -to blog 3 times
    -to send thank you cards out
    -to visit, read, and comment on every blog on my blog roll
    -to get everything ready for daughter’s birthday party

    Proud thing: Ran for 8 miles. That’s two hours of constant running!

    Thanks Shelli for hosting the challenge!

    • Glad you’re here.
      I love the Thank You Card Goal.

      2 hours of running WOW!!!

  10. Sorry I’m not doing this–I know I really should! But I’m so happy for your 1st week’s progress. Keep it up!!

    • Hey Beej, You can still post some goals and join in.

  11. Hi, Shelli! There’s an award for you on my blog. Deb

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