Lessons are learned when you least expect it.  Well it was a lesson I probably already knew but it was reiterated in a way that hit home. The lesson came from an unusual source the movie 28 days.  In a scene Sandra Bullock took the baseball and threw it nowhere near the strike zone.  The pitcher then advised her that when you concentrate on that small zone you’ll never hit it.  The pitcher told her to focus on what she could control. She could control her stance, breath, grip on the ball, her arm position and the release.  Once the ball was gone it was out of her control.  She could then only control her reaction.

Time to focus on the day-to-day it’s what I can control now.

It’s not to late to join in.

Day 3 Long Days


  1. Oooh, I really like that lesson. And I really like that you got it from an unexpected source. That happens to me so often, and it’s always fun and fresh!

    I like Sandra Bullock! Especially in The Net, While You Were Sleeping, The Lake House, and 28 Days.


  2. Three is a lot of truth to this. It is funny how a scene in a movie can teach us so much about whatever it is we are going through.

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