Happy Blogoversary to ME


Happy Blogoversary to me, however, my original goal is not complete.  My original goal was set from
09/09/09 to 10/10/10.  I have a month to really shine. 
I feel very determined.
 I have such a great plan set in place. 

First I have my trainer Angie.  I’m so excited about her.  We are a perfect match.  I so trust her and find her so engaging.  She is so committed to what she does that it is encouraging me to do better and be better.  It’s not only a workout but a nutrition lesson and a “figure things out session.” She is a get to the point kinda trainer with such care and concern behind every question and thoughtful answer I bat back to her.  These talk sessions are during the breath time between sets.  On Tuesday I had some friends acknowledge how much Angie is pushing me.  I loved it.  I feel strong and the pain is not as bad tonight, however I am Heeee Heee Heeeing when I get out of the chair.  I’m just waiting for the abs to yell at me tomorrow.  Bring it!

Second I’m recording all of my food.  Angie is reviewing it and giving me advise.  So far so good.  I know that when I turn in my homework it will determine how much pain Angie will inflict.  Today while she was reading the food journal she and I forgot to count during the squats. Ouch!  More importantly by keeping track I knew that at the end of the night when I was still hungry I was good to go to have a guilt free Chicken Wrap.  No for the hard part Angie has restricted me to only 1 coffee a week.  Oh the humanity! 

Third I’m trying new things to get me out of my comfort zone.  I’m going to teach a class at church for the Women 2 Women’s group.  This is out of my comfort zone because I’m only use to teenagers.  I’m also going to host/MC a Women’s retreat for the same group in October.  I’m stepping out!

Fourth I’m hosting 

The 09/09/09 to 10/10/10 Challenge
(See Post 1 and Post 2 ). You have until midnight on September 11th to join in.  As a thank you for this past year I’m giving away a
Bodybugg Armband.

The give away includes:

  • bodybugg® armband
  • Online food logging with custom meal plans
  • 6-month subscription to the web-based program
  • 1 phone session with a bodybugg® coach

Finally I committing to prayer for the next 30 days to ask the Lord for healing in this area of my life.  Angie asked me if I thought I deserved the results that I’m working for and the answer is YES!  I’m here for such a time as this and I’m going to get back what the enemy has stolen.  I have had an abundant life but oh I want everything that the Lord has in store for me.   I’m still here and I’m going to finish strong and in peace.  No more head battles.

  1. Through grace I will commit to a season of healing. (Ecc 3:3)
  2. I will not allow guilt consume me.  I have brought this on myself  but I will not block the healing by inflicting this pain on my body or on my mind anymore. (Psalm 147)  Yes I will have those days where I will feel the need to run to the frig or the drive-thru but I will take a breath, offer a prayer and find strength. At the end of the day I will recap the events of the day and be thankful for the victories and learn from the choices.

So there you have it.  A month of determined effort. 

So what can happen in a year’s time from 09/09/09-10/10/10? I will continue to answer that question within this blog.

“People don’t believe what you say. They believe what you do.”

Time to get busy!!


  1. What wonderful goals! Very motivating… I can read the determination and energy in your words!

    Happy Blogoversary!

  2. Wow Shelli, what a great post!!! Happy Blogiversary!
    I am so behind on reading blogs, I will come back soon and properly catch up. I wish you all the best for the next month and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for checking up on me – I am fine, just have been a little overwhelmed and working through my to do list. I am excited about all of your goals for the next month. You are going to rock them!

  3. First of all – HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!

    I think you have a great plan layed out! I especially like . . .

    Who am I fooling? I like them all!

  4. Happy Blogoversary, too! I’m really happy you made it this far–and I’m so excited to see how much farther you’re going to go.

    Your list is awesome, and you have so much support proping you up. You WILL continue to succeed!

  5. Hello my friend!
    I’m so happy for you and excited to talk to you about your sessions with Angie. Nothing we’ve done or tried over the past few years has lit the fire I see in you these days and my heart is filled with joy for you…
    You’re the best and deserve the best but nothing comes from nothing-nothing ever will, so the work is there as it should be. Here’s to SOMETHING as Rachel just said.

  6. Congratulations, Shelli! It’s quite the accomplishment to blog for an entire year, as I know many people who start a blog then about a month or two into it fade off. And your relationship with your trainer sounds great! It can be hard to find that.

    Continue with your strong attitude and great thoughts and you are sure to reach any goal you set!


  7. Amen Shellie!! The enemy can only keep what we let him. With God’s help we can reclaim our health.

    Thanks for motivating me with every post!

    • I got so fired up I forgot to tell you Happy Blogoversary!

      • YES WE ARE!

        Healthier Me! Healthier You!

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