Day 365 – The 9/9 to 10/10 Challenge Prize


It’s not to late to join in.
Don’t you just love prizes?

I have really enjoyed using the Bodybugg during the course of this past year.  I really find that the  website and Phone Apps are a convenient way to track my calories.  I especially like to review my activity during the course of the day.  To see how many calories I have burn is a real kick.  I’m even able to post that information to Twitter and Facebook.  Since this has been a great  help to me I wanted to offer it as my Blogoversary prize.

Here are examples of some of the reports available on the site:
(It was a good day:)

FYI –  I am not getting any money for endorsing this product.
I am just thrilled with my Bodybugg and I have to share the good news!

 The Prize Eligibility Rules.

Since this is only a short month long challenge,
the rules for prize eligibility are a little strict.

To receive an entry in the prize drawing you must

1. … list your goals on this post, the 9/6 post
or the September 9th post. Your goals must be posted on one of these posts no later than September 11th.

2. … comment on each of my five challenge posts by midnight Sunday each week. My challenge posts will be posted on Sunday Morning.   You need to add your comment on those posts each week, no later than midnight Sunday.     Your comments on the  posts should be updates about  how the challenge is going for you.  If you have a blog provide a link  so we may visit your site and encourage one another. You do not need a blog to participate just add your comments.

  • Post Goals here or on the 9/6 or 9/9 posts.
  • Post a comment by midnight
    10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 10/03, & 10/10.

    • Comments should include
      your goals update and
      one thing that has made you feel proud about.

3. How you do on your goals does not affect the prize eligibility.  Please be honest and help us build a community of supportive bloggers.

We’re becoming healthier by making choices and setting goals that let us live the life that we’re suppose to.  I’ve learned so many lessons from each of my fellow blogging friends so if you’re new to this experience you’ve found a safe place. These most wonderful people have really been my champions this past year.  Thank you!

If you’re new to my site Welcome jump right in and stay awhile.

Will it work with my computer?
Click and scroll down to read about
the supported systems to run
the bodybugg program.


  1. WOW! Shelli, that’s some prize! 😀 So glad I’m psyched to do this. 😀 Goals recap: 1. Keep calories to 1200 – 1300 daily, except Sunday. 2. Include 4 servings of veggies daily. 3. Walk 12 miles a week. 😀 Wahoo!

    Thanks, Shelli. This is perfect timing for me.


    • Glad you’re in 🙂

  2. Shelli, I am in! My goals are as follows:

    Exercise four days a week
    No cereals for the duration of the challenge
    No eating other than a sugar-free popsicle after dinner
    Only one “overeating” meal allowed weekly

    • Steve I’m so glad you joined us.

  3. What a great prize!!

    Don’t include me in the drawing, for two reasons: first, it won’t work with my Mac. Second, I just bought a Fitbit that does love my Mac. It is the poor man’s version of the BodyBugg. I am just learning to use it, and so far it’s fun. It even tracks sleep! But your chart are cooler, LOL!

    But I still want to be a part of the challenge… my prize will be Progress! 🙂


    • Progress not Perfection

      We’re doing this.

  4. Hi Shelli! What a great contest topic and what a great prize! I myself have been eying the bodybugg and I have also been setting goals, so I’d love to participate and get to know everyone and their goals!

    OK, my (SMART) goals :-D:

    1. Log my calories consumed in LoseIt on my iPhone every day regardless if I’m on track or not from 9/9-10/10.
    2. I have a mini goal with a one-week time line to workout before work (requiring me to wake up at 6 am) every day between 9/13-9/19.
    3. Complete my first round of Insanity on 10/6, without skipping any workout.
    4. Post SOMETHING on my blog every day, with at least 3 a week being an actual article from 9/9-10/10.

    Good luck to everyone!

    • I love your SMART Goals post.
      I’m glad you’re joining us.

      • I’m glad you found it so I could find your blog :-P! I’ve been browsing :-D. Love it!

  5. Hey~
    I’m going to actually put some goals here. I missed doing that on my earlier post!
    I intend to maintain my 2/3 ratio of two out of every three days working out. I will also build in cardio…somehow…
    Beyond that, I’m just lucky to have a friend like you and will enjoy our talks as they transpire:-)

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