Day 362 – Thankful for…


Thankful for ….
1. ……my friends that built a deck for me.  What a surprise to come home from Hawaii with a brand new deck.  My deck needed to be replaced three years ago.  I even had a tree growing up through the holes.
2. ……my friends who gave me their washer and dryer.  To have energy-efficient machines has made such a difference.
3. ……my friend that surprised me by bringing his tractor mower to hack through a months worth of grass.  With 32 straight days of rain, the grass was long.
4. …..my blogging friends.  They always have a word of encouragement and even call me on my junk thinking.
5. ……my family who drop everything to visit with me and plan special activities when I come to town.
6. ……my job that allows me to be young at heart while being creative enough to impact young learners.
7. ……my continued good health.  My knees are holding strong and  I’m able to do exercise at a steady pace.
8. ……my church that preaches the Gospel and reaches the community.
9. ……my food plan for the week.  I have the opportunity to make good choices this week.  I’m asking prayer for this area of my life.  Last week I had a stocked healthy frig and I made horrible choices.  Sooo what is different this week?  I’m taking it one choice at a time. I can’t handle a week’s worth of decisions but I have enough grace for that day’s decisions.  I sound fearful but I will seek strength through prayer.
I will give Him praise.
10. ……TODAY!


  1. You are truly blessed, what a wonderful list!
    Thank you for reminding me to pray for grace for each days decisions.

  2. You have some wondefful friends! Shows that you also have a wonderful heart. 🙂 Deb

  3. Awesome!!! Great stuff! 🙂 Judi b

  4. I can see why you’re thankfuly, Shelli! I truly think that the quality of your friends reflects on the quality of you.

    A positive attitude will certainly help as you go on your journey.

    • I’m glad to call you my friend.

      Thanks Beej!

      You’re golden!

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