Day 361 – Motions


“You look tired.”

“Yep, well good morning to you too.”

What a way to start the day.  This didn’t happen to me once but three times last week.  I’ve been in my head so much this week that I guess it has really taken a toll on me. I’ve been going through the motions but not really making any progress.  So let’s scream together …. “ARGGGGG!”

So what does going through the motions look like?

1. Having a frig full of veggies and I go out for Chinese.
2. Bringing an Eat Right Meal for lunch and eating a school lunch instead.
3. Going to the office and mindlessly eating 4 mini candy bars.
4. Celebrating weight loss by pulling my pants straight out all the while knowing that these are the same pants from a year ago.  Yes they’re larger but I know I shouldn’t still be able to wear them.
5. Having two workouts with my new trainer all the while still eating horribly.
6. Coming home and eating a huge dinner for two then becoming lethargic and mindlessly watching TV until 10:30-11:00 o’clock.
6. Starting the day with every intention on having a healthy day but turning into the drive-thru at  McDonald’s for breakfast burritos.
7. Allowing the Whoa-is-me’s to take over when all the while knowing that I am truly blessed.

So I’m snapping out of it once again.  I really wish I would have tagged my posts because I know this is a requiring theme from this past year.  I have pulled myself up with my bootstraps to many times to count.  I allow myself to slide into my old patterns far to many times.  I need to change things up.

My Blogoversary is 5 days away.

09/09/09 – 10/10/10  What can happen in a little over a year?

I set out a year ago to see what I could do in a year’s time.  If I judged this journey on the scale only then I would be terribly disappointed but I have come a long way.

I need to finish off the last month of this initial goal with concentrated focus.  What better way than with a challenge.

The 09/09  to 10/10 Challenge

The Freedom Challenge and the Awesome by August Challenge helped me to focus while in Hawaii.  It is a missing routine from that time that didn’t follow me back to the real world.   I do so much better when I have a goal.   I will announce the details on Monday.  Oh and there will be a prize for US entries.


  1. Sounds exciting! I like the date thing. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the old habit creep in. happens. But you can beat it…..So can I. sigh.


    • It sure creeps in sometimes. Hmmm I know a creep that has my number in this area of my life. He is more than happy to keep hitting me with this.

      I have a friend that motions with her hands from her heart to the heavens asking how is this relationship? If that is lackadaisical well then who creeps in? Hmmmm? There is victory when the heart/heavens motion is in line.

      We’re doing this Deb.

  2. Take some time to figure out what ‘s bugging you that you want to escape in to the comfort of old habits. Maybe it is as simple as just getting back to the grind of regular life after a lovely summer. You will figure it out..hange in there. Deep breath ..start over again.

  3. OoooOOOh! Our blogoversaries are around the same time. Exciting, isn’t it? I’m super proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year and look forward to everything that this next year has to bring! I’m so glad I ‘met’ you!!!

    • Me to You Josie.

      Can’t wait for your new launch.

  4. Oh, that dang “creep” thing! It crept into my life recently, too. Something happened, and I reacted to it with rebellion, and slowly (or maybe NOT slowly, ha!) got more and more lax.

    “If I judged this journey on the scale only then I would be terribly disappointed but I have come a long way.” Oh, I can identify with that!!

    I don’t know what the details of your challenge are, but if I can do it, I’ll join. I need some focus to Kick The Creep!!


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