Day 351 – The slow fade


I have been eluding to the slow fade these past couple of posts. Have you noticed? I have written about my successes but my stumbles have not made it to the screen. The fade is when at allow just a little cheat here and there. You know all the rest has been great except for this little something – something I keep quiet about. Well those slow fades finally do catch up. In the past the fade picks up speed and then the successes are overcome by (Do I say it)? the cheats. So here comes the reckoning…..

If you remember I was so nervous about wasting my time in Hawaii that I didn’t allow myself to get excited about the trip. (See post) I didn’t want the time to go by and to have nothing to show for it. Shear determination led to an incredible month away of exercise and eating right. Well I should have been concerned about the time after the trip as well. I had an incredible month only to stand upon the achievement as my crowning glory but failed to really continue the success into my life back home.   So I have stalled, while at the same time resting on the success of Hawaii. This is a lifestyle with not a once in a while accomplishment to hang my hat on. The true glory is the day in day out success.

So the slow fade stops NOW.

I signed up with a trainer again for twice a week workouts and swimming on the other days. I’m very excited about this because in our meeting I felt the motivation rise up within me. That determination and accountability was key in Hawaii and it will be again in my hometown. Most of the meeting was held on the treadmill which I loved. No wasted moments. Angie spoke with me about nutrition and gave me some suggestions. Ahh I have my whole team back again: my family, cheerleaders, blogger friends, and trainer  a perfect combination.

I am so blessed.


  1. It was bound to happen, you know. The “cheats” after Hawaii, I mean. Almost like a plan.

    It the perfefct storm, really. You left the context of your succes, had a lay over with your mom–hear “break time”–before back to real life.

    Then there was real life–the spot that hadn’t been real successful weight-loss consistency wise. Back in it. Out of the success bubble into life. Psychic culture shock.

    😀 The good news, of course, is that you saw it and have taken action. 😀 Very good news. No slow fade for you. The plan to reduce Hawaii to a fluke vacation rather than the start of something great, failed.

    Wahoo, you! You got this thing.


    • I have to Deb. I need to progress towards safety. I’m still in such a danger zone when it comes to weight that I need to take more action.

      The house is on fire and I’m lounging in the tub.

  2. It sounds like you are going in the right direction now, Shelli. Can’t wait to hear how it goes with the new trainer.

    • The training time has been great its the after time that is not great. I’m tough during the workouts. I can lift the world but crash when it comes to making healthy choices. Just being honest. I’m refocusing now. I can’t continue on this roller-coaster.

      Thanks for your support. I’ll do better.

  3. Shelli, it may have started to creep in, but you’re pushing it back. I love it. This is the way to fight it: recognize it and make a plan to address it.

    You are very strong, Shelli!

    • Making that plan NOW Beej!

      Thanks for your support and not giving up on me.

  4. I am all too familiar with that complacency we feel after a huge success like that. You are determined though and knew exactly what you needed to do to nip this in the bud. You are blessed, but we are too for knowing you 🙂

  5. Josie the bud is still being snipped. It has been a year of transformations. It’s still in progress. I’ll get there.

    You’re running 7 miles in a years time WoW what a year for you.

    Proud to be on this journey with you.


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