Day 343- Back to Work


Today was my first official teacher work day.  I say official because I have already donated some time in order to get my classroom set up.  I call it sanity time. If I already have a few things arranged then I can sit for hours and hours in PowerPoint purgatory during Inservice with a mind that is at ease. The best part of this District-wide Inservice was seeing teachers that I had not seen in months or least a year.

So after sitting all day I headed to the gym for my first kick boxing class.  It was very difficult to head inside for the class because today was the first time I have seen the sun in 6 days.  This is nothing compared to those who have been here all summer.  The Kenai Peninsula has had 33 days of consecutive rain. We broke a 30-year-old record.  It’ll still stand because it poured this morning.   So you could imagine that to head into the gym was difficult when all you wanted to do was stand in the sun and go mow the lawn.  I knew I had to have an intense workout because I have not been stretching myself like I did in Hawaii.  So I headed in for my first class.  It was a very positive experience.  I enjoyed the slow pace and then the quick jabs that followed.  Some of the kicks were out of my league but I was able to adapt and I know I’ll improve each time.  In an hours time I was back outside and these were my friends that I met.

 I did have a bit of a battle with my mind about the typical thought “To exercise or not to exercise? That is the question.”  So I’m proud that I made a great choice.  I also had a good day of eating.  It wasn’t perfect because I enjoyed a cookie but all the rest was good.  I’m proud that I didn’t just scrap the whole day because of  a small cookie.   

“By perseverance, the snail reached the ark.” –Spurgeon

I loved Loretta’s quote today. I thought it really fit the slow and steady progress that we all must make each day.  Choice by choice.


  1. Woohoo, you! You had “one small cookie”! I don’t think I’ve EVER had ONE cookie!!! I sure do call that a victory and a perfect day! 😀 one cookie… wow. Deb

  2. Yeah, one cookie is great. To me, it’s both that you had it and that you only had one. I swear this is fabulous progress because you didn’t abstain, but you didn’t indluge. Nice!

    And way to go on talkign yourself into working out!

    • Yep If I had abstained I would have felt like I was being punished. Instead I just attacked the workout just a little harder.

      Thanks Beej

  3. Congrats on your choice to enjoy the work out!!!! Read over your blog – lots of motivation. Thank you!!

    Gia 🙂

    • Glad you’re on board. Check out Beej’s site too. He’s been a huge motivator and friend.

  4. I agree, you have really kicked the old “all or nothing” thinking to the curb. You had ONE cookie…yet went on to have a day of great choices. Yay you!


  5. Yay, kickboxing! So fun, and it’s a great workout. I’m glad that you just did it instead of not. This is all about choices afterall and you made the right one. Even the cookie was the right choice. <—I really do believe that!

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