Day 320 – Thanks Alex


Here’s Alex!
Today was my last session.  I’m sad.  He was the perfect trainer for me.  He was so very kind and such an encourager.  I was able to get copies of all of his reports so my next trainer can see what I can do.

So here are the facts of what I lost from
-1″ – Neck
-.5″ – Upper Arm
-1.2″ Waist
-1″ – Hips
-1.3″ Thigh
Finally, drum roll please… I lost 5%  Body Fat.


  1. Well. You didn’t say that Alex was gorgeous! Packing has seriously commenced. 😀 Deb

    • Yep, he’s handsome. He has a great smile.

      I have another week of traveling. I’m headed to California. Since I was in the neighbothood of Seatle I thought I’d jet down to California to visit family for a week. Now this next week will be a real test because there will be every temptation to eat like a crazy women.

  2. Amazing!!! 5%???!!! That’s simply fab!!! Keep it going! 🙂 Judi b

  3. Great job on the inches and body fat! Enjoy your next vacation.

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