Day 318 – Weigh In – 3.4 lbs. & Zumba


Day 318 –  Week 45

 I lost – 3.4 pounds this week.

 Starting Weight : 365.1
 Current Weight : 339.2

Total pounds lost: – 25.9 lb.

A new low!  So since coming to Hawaii I have lost 15.8 lbs. Vacation is very very good!

     I doubled up my workouts today.  I tried Zumba for the very first time.  The class was packed.  Oh my the pace was quick and my feet were slow.  I was lost most of the time.  I just kept moving baby.  As long as I was moving and trying I felt great.  Hey my drummer might be slow but my spirit is as light as a feather.  Nothing like working out with a large group the energy is contagious.  I then went to Aqua Swim.  I love being weightless.  Don’t let that fool you though.  The workout is intense.  The water creates such a great resistance and you work every muscle.  The joys of this 24 Hour Fitness Club are the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi after a 2 hour workout.  I’m going to miss these perks when I go back to Alaska.


  1. Shelli! You are doing fantastic!!! I love your updates–they help push me on. I’ve thought much about leaving all the excuses behind and just getting on with doing the right thing. You are doing it!! SO proud of you.
    So what in the world is Zumba???!

  2. Great job! Hope you are enjoying Hawaii. Aloha…:-)

  3. What a fantastic time you are having!!

    Loved hearing you rock that Zumba class, then on to hit the water exercise. Congrats on another great loss this week.


  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Vacation is very good, indeed!

    funny–from Alaska to Hawaii and back to Alaska. Talk about weather extremes! wow. Yet each with their own extreme beauty. So, cool, huh?


  5. Way to go on the loss!!! You are a vacation weight loss superstar. Congrats on the zumba…love what you said about the drummer and the spirit!

    This is sounding more and more like the best vacation EVER!

  6. I lurve me some Zumba. Just try to keep up while in your imagination you are a real life dancer in a video. fantasy time with a good 600 calorie burn on average.

  7. Oh by the way you are doing AWESOME on the weight loss. Why don’t you share what you are eating with us …may inspire us.

  8. WOO HOO! Way to go, Shelli! I’m enjoying reading your updates but will look forward to hearing about it when you get home! miss you!

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