Day 317 – Pilates and The Falls


         I so didn’t want to go to the gym yesterday.  I prayed right before meeting Alex for the right spirit and strength.  I was a slow starter because my knee twenged on the first exercise but Alex showed me a few modifications and I was on my way.  I appreciate Alex demonstrating the correct techniques.  Just an extra move or different extension really adds so much to the exercise. Then while walking to our next lift I told him about my prayer.  Wouldn’t you know my whole mood had changed and I was lifting more weight than before.  Alex just  laughed. I can’t believe I only have 1 more session.
     Like I said my whole attitude had changed and before I knew it I decided to take Tina’s Pilates class.   I thought it would be nice to have a good stretch after my workout.  Mind you this was my first Pilates class ever.  I had no clue!  Alex has been real kind to find exercises that didn’t involve me being on the floor.  I told him that every thing shifts when I’m on the floor.   Well Pilates is almost entirely on the floor.  I had to make certain modifications but it was good.  It wasn’t pretty but I worked it. 

    Today I went on a hike with three new friends of Hawaii.  I met T at the Women’s Conference.  She found a hike to a secluded water fall.  It was about a mile hike to the falls.  The hike was gorgeous right through the forest.  These old growth trees were incredible.  The branches intertwined in all directions creating a canopy over the trail while the roots created steps along the path in areas.  Everything was so lush and green except for the orange clay underfoot.   We had wonderful conversations along the way. T h adbrought a friend as well as I.  We just completely enjoyed each others company.   So remember how I said secluded well we over shot the path for about a half a mile.   At one point two Eco Tours passed us on the path.  One tour had been to the falls and the other hadn’t been to the falls.  Hmmm I think we missed the path. We had to turn back. To this point most of the hike had been at an incline.  Remember that canopy well that creates mud in places and slippery rocks.  I’m not the most surefooted traveler so I held onto T’s back most of the way back down the path.  Oh but when it opened to the falls it was marvelous.  Just beautiful!  The best part of this hike was the beauty of the people I was with. 

      After parting ways B and I headed to Ko Olina to stalk Jonny Depp and to see the Black Pearl.  We found the Pearl but no Depp. 

     We then headed to the lagoon to snorkel.  It was so nice to cool off after the hike.  To be weightless after a long hike was fantastic.  The snorkelling was very good. We saw plenty of Hawaii’s State fish the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa.  Say that 5 times fast.  Nah just say it once.  

One comment

  1. I serioiusly need to do that kind of praying. I had a bad eating day today. 😦 Chinese food & cookies. I only had a third of an order of the Chinese, but it’ll still show on the scale for sure tomorrow. Sodium, you know. And gluten.

    Instead of choosing the wrong food, I should have chosen prayer like you did!


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