Day 314 – Freedom Challenge Update


Freedom Challenge! Week 2 – It was a good week but not an A+

Here here are my grades
B for Goal 1 – Water – Seemed like there was a just a little left.
A for Goal 2 – BodyBugg – I recorded my food.
A for Goal 3 – Trainer & Gym – It was a great week with Alex and Aqua Swim (Water Aerobics).  Stronger each time.
B for Goal 4 – Sleep – I missed my down time that I had promised for myself.  Some nights I was in bed by 10 but not ready to sleep.

These grades look like my report card in High School.  It feels so great to be proud of my choices rather than creating excuses for what I’ve chosen.  There’s freedom there!

Today was a killer day in the gym.  Things just didn’t click as they’ve done in the ast sessions.  I called it a Monday but I think I was tired because I usually have a day off between workoutswith Alex.  It might not have felt like it clicked but I sure did work it.  My older little Asian lady brought me a scale today.  She was so kind and encouraging.  Alex thought it was cute too.  “Don’t quit,” is what she said as she walked away with a fist pump in the air.  I then got some Protein Powder for after my workouts.  I have all the tools and support so now I’ll just keep walking it out.  Once again this feels so good in comparison to the way I typically let myself done.  The negative talk in my head has no home here. 

Thank you for all of your comments they are such a supportive high-five to me.  

Finally, I marvel at the strength that I find within the Lord on this journey, for I know that the “Lord rejoices to see the work begin.” (Zechariah 4:10)


  1. That’s a great grade point average for the challenge! Good job, 🙂

  2. LOVE THAT PHRASING of the comments as supportive high-fives as well.

    so flipping true for me too.

  3. What a cute lady! That really made me smile.

    Love the last paragraph, Shelli! It’s amazing how much support He gives, huh??

  4. ! What an amazinly appropriate Scripture! I’m writing thatone down–you can bet it will show up on my blog. 😀

    Congratulations on your great work with the challenge, too! You are doing so well!

    There IS joy in the journey, isn’t there?


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