Day 313 – Gym talk, PEWC Update & Sunsets


    So yesterday I arrived at the gym to join in an Agua Swim class. I was a little late because the parking is horrible.   Friday someone parked so close to my car that I couldn’t get in through the driver’s side door.  I looked around hoping that someone could pull the car out for me but to no avail.  I was also way too embarrassed for that so I just decided to climb in from the passenger side.  When all of a sudden a brilliant idea.  I reached over and put the convertible top down.  In two shakes I’m standing in my car and sliding into the driver’s seat. 

     So back to yesterday’s class.   Once I got in the water the group told me that the class had been cancelled.  Ten swimmers missed the posted sign on the counter.  So we held the class anyway.  Most of us had been there for Tina’s class the day before and many were regulars.  It wasn’t as intense but we got the job done.

    Today, however, was an intense day a the gym with Alex.  He said I was really pumped today and asked if I had any coffee.  I was just willing and ready for the next move.  He advised me that after 2 lift sets I have to pause for recovery.  I like the plan, 2 moves or lifts and then repeat 3 times.  The format is perfect for me.  A couple of times Alex increases the weight on the 2nd lift and then lessens the weight on the final lift.  I’m so excited to see what comes next that Alex has to remind me to relax.  I only have 3 more sessions with Alex so I want to make the most progress possible. 

     So after my sessions with Alex I escape into the locker room.  I then sit for about a half hour drinking water and staring off into space. The TV is on so I don’t look strange.  I’m usually so tired.  In the locker room I’ve met some really kind people.  I get the typical smiles and “Good Mornings” but recently a few older Asian women have really been apt to strike up a conversation.  I like to believe that maybe they’ve seen how hard I’ve worked and want to encourage me but then in few cases they’ve shared that they’ve known someone who has lost a lot of weight either way they are the sweetest women.  One woman is bringing me some green tea from China Town and another woman, Sunny,  is bringing me a food scale.  She gave me some good advice about eating 8 ounces of food and Whey Protein for after a workout.  I did notice Sunny during my workout and when I had my ugly lift face on she was just smiling at me.  Funny to think that just a couple of weeks ago I was so nervous about even walking into a 24 Hour Fitness Gym.  I drove around the parking lot many times checking it out.  I was the one making prejudgments about the facility and people coming and going.  This experience has been nothing but positive. 

Positive Effects Water Challenge
 P.E.W.C. Update

The water routine has been great.  I just keep rolling one 8oz bottle into another.  I have a gallon jug in the frig so I can keep track of the refills.  Can’t believe how dehydrated I’ve been.   I’ve noticed that my fingers feel skinny.  I find myself rolling my fingers together over and over like a mad scientist.

Thanks Sean and Kenz for running this challenge. 

Here are some sunsets for ya


  1. Beautiful sunset photos! 🙂 And way to go with the water! It sounds like you’ve been rocking the water all week too. I’m posting my update right now. 🙂

  2. How nice that the gym experience has turned out to be so positive!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I’ve never really had the desire to visit Hawaii–I sure do now!

    Of course, you’ve even made visiting the gym sound inviting. hahaha.

    I’m glad tha you’re enjoying yourself–it shines through each post.


  4. You are doing so many positive things for yourself! I am thrilled!

    Love the pics. Especially the one of you…so pretty!

  5. […] in the evening.  Those patterns do not define me any more.  I need to take care of myself and as my ladies from Hawaii would say “8 oz of food 6 times a day and green tea” and “D…Its to important.“ I’ll take care of me so I can take care of my students. On Thursdays […]

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