Day 310 – Gym and Snorkeling


     Had a wonderful workout with Alex today. Can I just say how much I can do and how much I think I can do are worlds apart.  Sometimes the same distance between my thoughts in my head and heart.  I will have a trainer from now on.  Alex has pushed me to a point that I want to see what I can do next.  Today he had me on a rowing machine.  When Alex pointed to the machine I shrugged and said “Ohh Kay.”  I just didn’t think I was flexible enough to even get into the machine and before I knew it I had the correct posture and for 3 reps I rowed 200 in a minute.  I’m a rower now.  I can crew.  Why not?   The lunges still are when I’m the most worried because of my knee and before I know it with the correct stance I’m on my way.  I feel the strongest when I work with my arms.  After each 3rd rep I’m completely spent but excited for the next set. ” What’s next Alex let’s go!”   I keep taking mental notes of the exercises so that I can redo them in Alaska.  What’s next?

     So Solomon is still not walking very far except for last night when he got out.  That little sneaker.  I threw the ball  just beyond the front fence.  He was completely engaged in our game of catch so I thought I could open the door for him retrieve the ball.  That little rascal saw his chance and took it.  Good thing we live on a cul-da-sac.  I had him cornered and then he’d sprint.  There was a neighbor sitting in his car and I just yelled “Help!”  He walked over and grabbed his collar.  Good grief Solomon was just playing keep away with me.  Grrr.   So today I loaded him into the car and drove him a 1/2 a mile away.  I thought he would walk back to the car but no.  He walked straight home.  I then had to walk back and get the car.  So after working out with Alex and Solomon I had burned 1,700 calories and it wasn’t even 10 a.m.  Great start to my day.  After a nap I’m going to head to Waimea Falls on the North Shore.

Here’s what I did yesterday.

     I went to Hanauma Bay to snorkel in a flooded crater. It is a very protective wild life sanctuary.  What was nice about this snorkeling spot is that we didn’t have to scale any lava rocks.  I could just walk right in.  I bought an underwater camera so we’ll see if any shots tuned out.  It was a real old school camera.  I didn’t see any turtles this time but the fish were beautiful. It was a wonderful day at the beach. 


     I then decided to drive around the island instead of sitting in traffic.  I hadn’t seen much of the Windward or Eastern side of the island.  In fact where I was cruising yesterday it’s actually closed today because they’re filming Pirates of the Caribbean.  As I drove I found a beautiful beach that had a Wahoo’s roach coach selling fish tacos.  Wahoo’s is one my families favorite restaurant in California so I had to stop. 

     I then headed to Pali Lookout.  I was going to visit the lookout last week but I got lost on the way to the Sheila Walsh conference.  I had found the Pali Lookout but didn’t take the time to visit it because of the conference.  It was also raining so yesterday was a perfect time.  I had to laugh when I looked over the edge because as you can see in the picture the conference hall is right in the lower center surrounded by the golf course.  So close and yet so far away.

Click the links for more information about each location. 


  1. I cracked up about Solomon’s antics! I’ll bet Alex and Solomon are in cahoots to keep you moving. 😉

    Snorkeling… underwater photography… discovering how much you can REALLY do physically… what a fantastic vacation! I’m really enjoying hearing about it.

    • Cahoots! That’s it.

  2. Wow! I really feel like we are doing such similar things now in terms of fitness. Tonight at yoga I did something I didn’t really think my body could do…but it did. I was so thrilled I almost started crying!

    Funny doggie…like to play tricks.

    Love the beautiful pictures and I am glad you are getting out and doing so much fun stuff!

    • It’s such a great feeling when you do something that you thought you couldn’t do YET.

      Keep stretching.

  3. WOw, SHelli, I’m still impressed by how much you’re taking advantage of this vacation–to both exercise and see the area. How fun!

    I truly believe that you (and we all) can do so much more than we think we’re able…

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