Day 308 – Gym and Turtles


       Worked out with Alex today.    I’m continually amazed at what I can actually do.  I watch Alex demo the exercise and I try to record to memory every position and then I shake my head and say “OK.”  There is a second of disbelief but then I settle in and give it my best. You’ve all heard of the “ugly cry” well I have an “ugly lift face.”  Teeth clinched and a stiff upper lip I give everything I can.  We do 3 sets for every lift and  by the 3rd set I’m really huffing.  I’m believing that the strength within is finding its way out through this protective layer.  So after the 3rd set I’m spent but curious about the NEXT set.    After the hour I sat for the longest time in the locker room recouping and drinking water.   I want to keep this intensity for when I go home.   It’s becoming a very important part of my day.    (So can you see the brim of my hat? That’s sweat baby:) Off to go find some turtles.  

     I found them on the North Shore of Oahu, near Haleiwa Town.    These turtles come to this exact location everyday.    They even have a private organization called Malama na Honu that supports these endangered green turtles.    Honu Guardian volunteers are on the beach every day to offer educational outreach and to keep everyone at a safe distance.     The Honu Guardians were just as excited to see the turtles come ashore as the tourists.



  1. Glad you are enjoying the workouts with the personal trainer.

    I hope you find some turtles today.

  2. That’s some great sweat, Shelli! I’m so gald you’re making the most of your time. You’ll be looking so great when you come back from summer break!!

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