Day 307 – Freedom Challenge and Bellows


Freedom Challenge! Week 1 – I feel really good about this week.
Here here are my grades
A for Goal 1 – Water – I was so aware of this goal. I did a great job chugging.
A for Goal 2 – BodyBugg – I recorded my food.
A for Goal 3 – Trainer & Gym – I worked out with Alex 2x last week.  I also went to my first Water Aerobics class and of course the good old treadmill.
A for Goal 4 – Sleep – I really enjoyed being mindful of being in bed by 10.  I really started my downtime early so that I could get to sleep by 10.  The waking up was a little more laxed but I didn’t sleep in past 7:30.  That’s ok I’m on vacation and in the past I’d usually stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning and sleep in until 10.

Bellows Beach – I had a wonderful day at a beach owned by the military called Bellows Beach.  It’s where the Midget sub came aground during the Pearl Harbor attack.  The military practices their shore landings, but not today.
     It was absolutely beautiful.  The sand was like silk.  A sharp contrast to Shark’s Cove’s rough rocky sand.  I made my sister a little jealous because I went to her favorite beach  with her most dearest friend’s.  Because you need a military ID to get on the base the beach was very private.  We spent most of the time in the water enjoying the gentle waves. Unfortunately, we didn’t see B’s turtle that she see’s every time she comes.  What a fabulous day at the beach.  (I went to the gym beforehand so it was as if I had the right or freedom to play).





  1. An A for all your goals, great job! So… that’s the secret. We all need to move to Hawaii.. LOL!

    Those beach photos are absolutely gorgeous!!

    • That’s the ticket.

  2. The beach looks gorgeous.

    Congratulations on doing so well with your goals.

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