Day 302 – Ouch!


After the gym yesterday I went to the Dole Plantation. I felt like a real tourist.  I watched a pineapple cutting demo and even went for a ride on a train called the Pineapple Express.  So here is a great fact about pineapples….Eat pineapple after eating protein because it helps the stomach’s digestion. Oh and after you cut it rinse it in water that way you won’t get a canker sore.  Good to Know.

     Today everything hurts.  I felt good after working out yesterday but when I rolled out of bed today OUCH!  It was as if every muscle decided to sing out their presence, “Yes, hello I’m here it’s about time you worked me out.” The tops of my legs KILL! 
      So good day to go snorkeling, right?  You bet!  A friend from church and I headed to the North Shore.  It was a beautiful drive straight out of the television series LOST.  We ended up snorkeling at Shark Cove and then swimming over to Table Top.  When I mean swimming over I mean over.  At Shark Cove there weren’t very many fish (Go figure) so we swam and swam to try to find a way out of the cove.  After swimming into a number of deadend coves we decided that the only way was to go over the lava rocks.  I literally had to roll my body over at set of lava rocks and fling my body into the next pool.  Splash! Good thing it was deep.  All of the ocean’s beauty opened up right then.  We saw every stripped and spotted variety of fish, 2 turtles and a starfish that looked like string.  The cool part was that I was exercising. It was a great workout. 
    The part that I was dreading was going back.  I couldn’t fathom how I would pull my body up and over again.  After a number of painful tries I decided to swim in a little way and my friend would bring me my shoes.  Walking on the rocks after the swim was a workout in itself.  Good grief one step and I fell right into a shallow pool of water. I now not only have sore muscles but now I’m scraped  from head to toe.   I can only say OUCH! and I’d do it all again in a heart beat.   I absolutely loved every minute of it.

Fitness Goal — I need to work on my flexibility.


  1. This is like an adventure out of a travel brochure… minus the “ouches”, LOL! What fun this sounds like. Exercise never sounded more inviting. 😀

  2. OUCH! :0 Glad you’re having fun. :] chuckle. Deb

  3. Except for the part about getting hurt it sounds like you are having a fantastic time! What a cool adventure.

  4. […] I had my second session with my trainer.  We had a laugh because he read my previous post entitled OUCH! (Hi Alex:) I wish I would have signed up with a trainer sooner.  He pushes me harder than I think […]

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