Day 301 – 24 Hour Fitness


       So coming to Hawaii I believed that it would be a time to reboot.  A time to start new routines that will follow me home.  I was going to read, pray, excercise, eat healthy foods, drive and relax.  
I’m off to a great start.
   I believed that the exercise component would come by walking Solomon. I was told that he loved to go on long walks.  The owner told me of his route and routine.  I was determined to tire Solomon out.  Solomon, however, had a different plan.  We started off great.  I did some Dog Whispering in order to get his leash on, some “Wait” commands and then “Let’s go!” We took off down the block at a great pace. We then got to the corner and he stopped.  We’re talking  dead stop.  This boy wasn’t going anywhere but home. This went on twice a day for the first few days that I got here.  Then the rain came.  Solomon has put it together that he gets his ear drops when he gets wet so he avoids the rain at all cost.  I want him to get in plenty of exercise so I’ve been throwing the tennis balls for him in the back yard.   This of course does nothing for my execise goals.
So I decided to join the gym.  I had my first of eight session with my trainer today. We did modified lunges, push ups, squats, band stretches and much more.  I’ve always been a 10 count girl but he’s a 12 to 15 to 20 count guy.  My favorite part was smacking a medicine ball as hard as I could into the ground. Nah no aggression issues here.  I’m so glad that I did this.  Alex will certainly push me harder than I’ll push myself.  I need to know what I can do.  As Ali Vincent said in her book, Believe It Be It, she had been collecting excuses for far to long.  I’m going to break that same pattern and start collecting successes. 
     Other great things about the gym
     1. TV near the treadmill 
     2. I got my correct measurements taken. 
     3. There’s a pool and spa

Can’t wait to see the results of this month.

Here are some more pics for ya                          =^..^=   Loretta




  1. Oh, I can hear the ukulele music in the background! ha ha ha
    I love the photos… I’ve never been to Hawaii, and this makes it look so lovely, not all commercialized.

    Wow… even your own trainer. What a fantastic time this is turning into for you.

    Silly doggy…


  2. Oh. The name Solomon fits that dog! He looks very wise and like a real character. chuckle. So funny about the ear drops.

    I’m glad you’re having a wonderful, reboot, kind of time. 😀


  3. Funny dog!

    Great that you joined a gym and have a PT. Lifestyles of the rich and famous. You should make sure you book a massage…treat your muscles to some wonderful relaxation.

    Love the pics! Thank you.

    • MMMMM Massage 🙂

  4. I love banging that medicine ball on the ground.
    What an incredible life..summer off? no, spending it in Hawaii.! how cool for you.

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