Day 266 – Tennis anyone


       I can’t believe how long I have been away. The end of the school year is especially busy.  Yes it is exciting to finally wind down but the last 8 days of a school year feels like keeping 28 cats in a box with no lid.  Finding the healthy balance between just letting loose and having fun with the kids and providing a rigorous education experience is a careful dance especially with the many assemblies, carnival, grades, field day, yearbooks and gorgeous sunny days. So my pattern is to just collapse the first week of summer break and as a friend just recently asked, “Are you still holed up in the house watching old reruns?”

Well the answer is … NOPE … I’M BACK!

       With such warm weather I just couldn’t step into the gym. I decided to go for a drive to see some scenery.  When I received a text I pulled into the Tsaltesi Trials parking lot to read it. I then figured I could go for a walk.  Right as I pulled in I was staring right into the eyes of a 2-year-old bear.  So I decided to call a friend and walk on the track instead. 

       After a mile on the track we then got the idea to play some tennis.   I played as a kid and in high school but stopped because I could never find someone with the same ability.  It would become frustrating because I would spend most of the time chasing rather than rallying.  Today I changed my thinking.  Every time I chased after a ball I was getting exercise. Bending, twisting, shuffling and swinging was one less minute on a treadmill.  Most importantly it was fun.  My tennis buddy was a real trooper.  She actually was pretty good.  We’re not ready for a game but maybe by the end of the summer.
Tennis is…
 a social sport.  I had a great time working together with my tennis buddy.  Shot after shot it just didn’t matter if it was in or even bounced 3 times. 
            a real workout. We both were so winded.  She is actually in great shape and was very red face in the end.
            fun.  I had forgotten what it was like to hit a perfect shot.  I had not played a team like sport in a long time.
           a lot different when you’re overweight.  I was very rickety because I didn’t know what my legs could handle.  I have a bad knee so I was very cautious.
          a mirror. Today really revealed how far I need to go in this journey.  There were so many shots that I knew in the past I could have hit before I gained all this weight.  Nonetheless, I was out there and actually playing.

       I now have three activities that I actually enjoy more than time on a treadmill.    This summer I will swim, bike and play tennis.

Clip art courtesy of DailyClipArt.net


  1. Oh, I love that you got outside your comfort zone and discovered another physical activity to do this summer!

    …A bear!

  2. Egads! I heard that it was a brown bear hanging around up there; is it? I’m putting on the miles daily and I’m going to drag you with me when I get home! If you keep up with the tennis you’ll be able to run faster than me, which is a good thing when you’re walking with bears in AK. Keep up the activity baby!

  3. How great to try different things. And tennis? Yeah, that sounds like an intense workout. Hope the school year wraps up really well and you catapult into the summer with energy and drive!

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