Day 237 – Weekend Warrior


Weekend Warrior hosted by Brandon

   1. Finish  A Merry Workout Pledge hosted by Steve.   I spent time on the treadmill, bike and elliptical both days.
   2. Tweet all the food that I consume (@shellibelly_ ). Even the cheese bread.
   3. Drink a gallon of water each day.   I was most surprised about this one.  I found it very easy and my new habit.

I’m so thankful for this challenge.  I was motivated to stick with my goals from earlier in the week.  I carried that might mo right into the weekend.

Momentum is a wonderful thing.  In fact when I was walking to lunch today I noticed I was walking at a faster pace. Usually I say to myself,  “What’s the hurry?”  Today I held a very proud pace.  Things are changing and I like it.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You did awesome 🙂

  2. WooHoo, you! 😀 Hitting those goals DOES feel good, that’s for sure! congratulations! Deb

  3. Awesome job! I came close on my challenge. One goal was to cook & eat a healthy breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and I missed it saturday.

  4. Great work!!

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