Day 234 – Student Challenge Recap / “Freedom!” Weekend Warrior Challenge


First thank you Beej, Kat, CinciMom11, Ruby and Josie for dedicating your workouts to my students. They were impressed.

     This has been probably the busiest week to run this challenge. My students finished their 3D Museum Artifact Posters on Tuesday and then on Thursday they walked the catwalk in the Egyptian Fashion Show. So you can see that studying for this little old Geography Test was probably not their first priority. (Hmm this was the goal in the first place anyway). There has also been a bad flu and stomach bug traveling through the ranks. I can completely understand the low minutes required from our challenge.

So how would you have done on the test?

     Nonetheless, I had so much fun with the students today. I had one student request that I dedicate the last 4 minutes especially to him. I definitely thought of him during that time. My workout friend Mac and I hit the school gym and opened the garage door so the track team could see us break a sweat. I thought I would get a few taunts and laughs but I received nothing but encouragement. They were happy to see me working out. What great kids. I had never done more than 20 minutes on the elliptical before so this workout really was difficult for me. I’m always concerned about my knee so I had to take it easy a few times. After the workout one student said that he saw me slow down a couple of times so I just created a visual for him. I had another student hang on his back and I told him to walk. He got the picture. I’ll have to come up with a new challenge between my students and me for next week.

So why do these challenges? 
   1. It’s a short-term goal set and accomplished. 
   2. The feeling of being on a team and the camaraderie.
   3. It makes me proud.

So here is my first ever
Weekend Warrior Challenge hosted by Brandon.
   1. Finish  A Merry Workout Pledge hosted by Steve.  I’m going to spread the 110 minutes and 30 seconds out among several sessions and different exercises. Click to read Mary’s  thoughts about the challenge.
   2. Tweet all the food that I consume (@shellibelly_ ).
   3. Drink a gallon of water each day.   

I’m very excited for a very fun weekend.

1.Tanzania and Kenya

2. Lesotho
3. I’ll just name a few: Ethiopia,Uganda, Ruanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Israel, Jordan, and Syria
4. I’ll name the major ones. Victoria Falls, Lake Victoria, Red Sea, Dead Sea and the Jordan River.


  1. How cool to do that with/for your students!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. […] Shelli from Shelli Belly […]

  3. Shelli, what a great job you did on your challenge!!! I think one minute on the elliptical would do me in right now. I am proud of you too.

    Enjoy your challenge this weekend! I will watch for your tweets!

  4. I hope your challenge is going well!

  5. Thank you for doing this Shelli. I had so much fun yesterday. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. Cute pics! You are gorgeous! I can’t imagine doing that long on the elliptical! I tried the other day and managed 2:40. Yikes!

    I totally would have bombed that geography test! Are you going to share the answers? 🙂

    • I see the answers now! Haha, oops 🙂

  7. […] Shelli from Shelli Belly […]

  8. […] Shelli from Shelli Belly […]

  9. She did it! I was there! What a woman!

  10. […] Whew I’m glad I’m crunching this week instead of spending time on the elliptical like la… […]

  11. Let’s just say you don’t want me on your Trivial Pursuit team and Mensa is not endangered of being raided by me. Sigh. Oh well. Guess I can’t be too much a gene whore and I need to be grateful for the blessing bestowed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiration. 🙂 Stop by da blog sometime and say hey. Best, Kirsten

  12. I definitely need help loosing weight. I can’t believe how fat I am right now. 😦 I already lost 40 pounds and have to lose 25 more.. ive remained the exact bodyweight since august but i cant find motivation to start up again.

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