Day 231 – Spring Challenge


As Tigger would say, “That’s Re-dikorus! Hoo hoo hoo hewooo!”

       Well I have two ‘s this week which I am disappointed in, but I’m not devastated.  I have been really faithful with the excercise.  I feel very accomplished in this department.  So once again I will say that the food needs to be whipped into shape.  I’m going to start Twittering my food. Yep every morsel good or bad is going to be Tweeted. Beej is a big time Food Tweeter so I am following his lead.  I read every Tweet and even am aware of when he eats after 8 p.m. (Its part of his plan. Sounds like a good idea to me).  I’m starting tomorrow morning. I have not been honest with my food and have actually been prideful of the excercise all the while knowing that my eating has not been very healthy.   I need to combine the efforts and be honest to myself and you.   A healthy lifestyle can not be achieved without mindful eating.  I’m putting the whole package together this week.  I can’t wait to see the results.


  1. Wow. Tweeting EVERYTHING! That could take some time. chuckle. Good luck–140 characters at a time. 😀 Deb

  2. That sounds like a really great challenge!! 🙂

  3. I hope the tweeting works! Eating right seems so tough lately for me, too. You’re doing great with the exercise and the Bible!

  4. Wow, tweeting every single morsel? What a great challenge! Can you imagine if we all did that? I could be privilege to all Justin’s late night snacks that he slips past me. Not that I wouldn’t have a few of my own shameful moments – ahem! marshmellow creme… 🙂

    • Mmmmm that reminds me …. marshmellow pinwheels are the best. Whew I snapped out of it because I just couldn’t Tweet that … well at least not yet 🙂

  5. Took me long enough to read this, huh? Yay for tweeting your food! It is a huge pain, but like exercise, I really think it pays great dividends. Monitoring intake is just as important as monitoring burn. If not more important.

    I have to say, though, that I’m getting really nervous about the challenge. Two in one week? Yikes!

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