Day 224 – Anti-Jared Challenge


       I just finished The Anti-Jared 60 minute Challenge.       I think Tony was able to get over 250 people to excercise today for a chance to win a POLAR FT7 Heart Rate Monitor.  What’s nice is that 2 lucky athletes will each win a POLAR monitor.
         I love these challenges because I know that so many are going through the same pain.  I have workout bodies that all we do is nod at each other at the gym and that is all we need.  We just need to know that we’re checking in on each other.  So these challenges really get me motivated.  I’ve been working up to expanding my time on the bike and the treadmill since I first heard about this challenge.  Now I can’t slack off because I know I can do it. 
         In 60 minutes I walked 1.5 miles and rode 10 miles on the bike.  It feels great.  Now I hope I win one of the monitors.


  1. Great job Shelli!!! It sure does feel great to get the exercise in! I hope you win too!

  2. Great workout Shelli! You are doing great!

  3. Great job! And good luck on the Monitor!

  4. Way to go Shelli!!!

  5. Bravo!!!!

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