Day 223 – Spring Challenge Update



Checks all around.  I found what I’m going to do with my Sink Fund.  I am sinking money away for a MP3 player that will attach to my googles.  Wow to have music while I swim it’ll be wonderful.

“People don’t believe what you say. They believe what you do.”


  1. Congratulations! You completed 100% of your goals!!! Wahoo!!! And, your post came up on my email. 😀 And, you decided on your reward! You are on a roll, girl! 😀 Deb

  2. ooooOOOhhh! What a great idea for the underwater mp3 player! Congrats on accomplishing your goals, Shelli! How are you liking the green smoothies?

    • Once you get over them being green. They’re actually really good. I just keep trying new concoctions to keep it interesting. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. hehe, that jodamama comment was me, Shelli. I was logged in under my other email account, lol. Sorry about that!

  4. Cool…. didn’t know they made those things.

    I guess whatever you’re doing… it is better with music. I know it is for me anyway.



    • Thanks for stopping by. I’ll head over to your site.

  5. Great week! Good job on the goals. The MP3 goggles sounds cool, too!

  6. When I used to exercise at a pool, I had a waterproof MP3 player… absolutely LOVED it! I wasn’t “working out”, I was “playing out”.

    You had a terrific week. All goals checked… wow!

  7. Five checks – great job!

  8. Great job on your goals!

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