Day 211 – “I’m full.”


     Yesterday I was driving to the gym with a friend when she pulls out this ebook about walking.  She said, “Hey while you’re walking you might want to listen to this.”  Without any thought I barked, “I’m full.”  I have been trying to be an open book about my health trek, weight loss, excercise goals, savings and credit card woes, and basic life lessons to my students, my blog folks and anyone else who’d listen in the past months that I think I’M FULL.  If I’m not typing then I’m reading. If I’m not reading then I’m listening about the “latest greatest plan.”   There comes a point when you just have to get about the task at hand. 

I started this year off with this mantra,

“People don’t believe what you say. They believe what you do.”   

The statement “I’m full.” feels like a closed-door.  My quote like an open door.  I’m going to have to sort out my thoughts and get a clearer mindset in the next couple of days.

I’ll keep up the work that I have started but the mind is where it’s at. I’ll be real careful to be like Winnie the Pooh and Think Think Think and make sure not to let Eeyore visit.

What did you do today to  make yourself feel proud?
Treadmill – 1.5 miles/30 minutes
Spinning –    5.3miles/15 minutes
Off to go swim.


  1. Oh, you surprised me when you said that “I’m full” felt like a closed door.. I didn’t see that coming.

    I was going to agree with you. 🙂 I LOVE your mantra for this year, totally! I am SO in agreement with that. That is why I thought I understood why you said “I’m full”. I felt that way too, last year. I had talked and talked and talked, and hoped and prayed and read and researched and listened and asked…. TIL I WAS BLUE IN THE FACE!!

    I finally felt it was just time to shut up, pick a path, and GO! Commit, and DO. Choose and ACT!

    I’m definitely not saying I am being unteachable… I am learning new stuff as I go. But I finally narrowed it down and started to DO it.

    I read so many blogs that are constantly saying: I am going to….

    And it is always just like I was, in the past, when after blowing it, I would finally get my nerve up to try again… and talk it to death… and say what I am GOING to do.

    Now, I am like you… I want to see what people DO, not what they SAY.

    And, you are doing it. 🙂

    • You’re so right Loretta! Your words help me so much. Choose a path and go. I love it that’s what I’m feeling. I’ve been trying to find the words. It’s easier for others to see my path when I actually have visible results. I will continue to report my good choices as well as my struggles. I have made huge steps these past few months.

      Thanks for all of the encouragement.

  2. Hi, Shelli! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 I love comments and meeting new bloggers.

    I seem to have a hard time following people who use WordPress–I don’t know why I’m so dense about it, but i’m giving it a try. If you don’t hear form me, you’ll know that my attempt failed.

    I’ll tell you one attempt that will not fail, tho–and that’s our determination to lose weight. We’re gonna do this thing!


    • Hurray it worked. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. I know how you feel. I can get so angrossed in reading/researching abotu exercise and weight-loss that I never actually do anything. SO now, I’m going to limit the in and work on the out. You know? Actually put my learning into action!

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