Day 209 – Spring Challenge


Post 1

  I didn’t forget Loretta
What I like about myself….I like my long hair.

First day of capris and sandals and wouldn’t you know it’s snowing.  Not such a big surprise but an Alaskan can hope for Spring.

I had a good first week.  Checks all around.  I like having a focus.  I however have not seen much progress on the scale.  That’ll come in time.  It’s just a lot of time has passed and I feel like I’m getting lapped. 

I made good excercise choices it’s the eating that’s difficult for me.



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful week! Don’t worry, keep on being consistent, and that pesky scale will catch up to you.

    I LOVE long hair. 🙂 Until a few years ago, when I got sick and it fell out in patches so that I had to cut it all off, I had waist-length hair all my life. Now, after it grew back, it changed, and I can’t “do” long. But I still like looking at it on others. 🙂 It’s fun and versatile, and I used to wear it all kinds of ways. Even got silly during the Star Wars hey-days, and wore “buns” over my ears, ha ha ha.

    I’m like you, I find the focus of the challenge is very helpful.

  2. Thank you for following me. Keep up the good work and the scale will start to reflect it. I know I’ve been frustrated that the scale hasn’t been moving but I can tell I feel better, and I’ve started doing body measurement to track my inches. I agree doing this challenge is making me stay focused on being health. I also have a hard time with the food, but I’m hoping to sit down this weekend and come up with a game plan.

  3. Great job on the challenge!

  4. Man, I knwo what you mean about felling like you’re gettign lapped. Sucks huh? Time to increase teh intensity. Your challenge is great! And yes, the pounds will go, too…

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