Day 206 – How do we do it all?/Pledge Recap


          I should have been unstoppable this week.  I  really had an excellent weekend.  I was able to workout twice on Friday and then on Saturday I survived an hour-long Spinning class and virtually traveled 18 miles but then Monday came.  I chose  not to go into the work but to excercise and have some lazy weekend.  Well Monday hit with a vengeance. car problems, and a feeling of being unprepared for my classes really set my mood.  How do we do it all? I did continue with my excercise plans but food prep is where I am lacking now. How do we do it all? 
        I watched a show regarding Hording and I recognized some thought pattern tendencies.  The man could manage only certain portions of the clutter.  His belts were organized impeccably. It’s what he could handle.  The rest of the room was a mess. If he couldn’t handle it all then he chose what he could manage.  I don’t wash my windows because I don’t have rain gutters. I don’t have rain gutters because I need to paint.  So I choose to live with dirty windows.  
     I then read a blog posting from a trainer who gave the definition of insanity. You’ve heard this one – Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But then he wrote about a fellow gym member that he called “Short Round” who takes his spinning class and after many years is still “Short Round.”   Ah the day just wasn’t getting any better.  I re-read the blog today and it’s actually motivating but on Monday I was offended. 
     I know that these stories are on a different scale it’s just how my thinking has been this week.    I’m a “Tall Round” that just can’t get this area of my life together so I concentrate on everything else. I need to get a handle on this all or nothing thinking.  The task at hand is huge literally.  Arg!

     So you can see why Mary’s Workout Pledge couldn’t have come at a better time.  (See Previous post).  
I needed something in this area of my life that I could strive for and accomplish.  I pounded out 4.3 miles in 90 minutes on the treadmill.  It’s the longest I have walked since the day I went to Disneyland.  The time flew by with Tenth Avenue North on the Play List.  At an hour I had to take a few breathers.  I was very pleased with the experience.
It just proves that I can do more. Yet my windows still need to be cleaned, that closet needs to be organized, the lesson needs to be copied, taxes need to be sorted out and those papers need to be graded.

I think I’ll go for a swim.


  1. I really have a “thing” about nicknaming people according to their size. Gee, maybe it has to do with being the Goodyear Blimp in school!

    Anyway, he has a point (she begrudgingly admits). If we want results, we need to DO what is really necessary, not just stay in our comfort zone, repeating behaviors that don’t work.

    I watched the latest show of Ruby, where her therapist told her that same definition of insanity, then asked Ruby to choose 5 things to change, that would help propel her towards her goal. Well, I did that, too, and am working on #3 so far.

    Good job on the mini-exercise pledge!! Sometimes we just surprise ourselves with what we are capable of. 🙂

  2. Great job on the 90 minute workout!!!

    It is true, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I have to keep reminding myself of that when I want eat things that are less than great for my body.

    Have a great swim!!!

  3. I have read that quote a few times this week. I guess I need to hear it…:-) Congratulations on your workout pledge. You did great. It is hard to balance everything for sure. I put my exercise in front of cleaning and/or errands everyday. The important stuff usually gets done and every now and then the dishes get done the next day. It is a balancing act. Keep up the good work Shelli!

  4. Way to go!!! You inspire me to keep going – 90 minutes!!!! WOW.

  5. Way to go Shelli (like how I’m just NOW getting caught up on things…ugh). You really did well on this challenge. Amazing. Now wash your windows. 🙂

    • I promise I promise

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