Day 200 – Spring Break Challenge Recap


I am very proud of my achievements during my Spring Break Challenge. I was able to stick to the 2 a day goal with no real worries. I started to get a cold right off the bat but I hammered through my goal until Thursday of that week when I finally crashed! It was a good day to be sick because it was our last real winter day. So it was very cozy to sit there with a huge blanket and no guilt for taking care of myself and watching a marathon of Saving Grace. The effort involved in living a healthy lifestyle is tremendous. From packing the right clothes for your workouts, to shopping for the right meals, to planning every minute of the day, to the laundry nothing about this is easy. The effort everything took this week paid off in the pride I feel. I didn’t just sit around and watch TV and wish and wallow. I took action and made every effort to accomplish my goal and a couple of times surpass it. I think the focus of the week really is going to put me on the right track until the end of the school year. The desire to do what I know is right for me is becoming stronger than doing what feels better for the moment. So this Saturday morning it only took two seconds to jump out of my bed to head to the gym. I knew that the sleeping in would bring no pride but 18 miles on the bike would carry me through to the next good choice.

Here are some of my Bodybugg reports for this week


  1. This is wonderful… I can tell by your post how good this is making you feel. And it’s impressive to see the effort all charted out on those graphs… good job!

  2. You are doing a great job of balancing everything Shelli! Great job on the double workouts! It is true that all of the details take time and planning, but are so very worth the effort.

  3. So Awesome, Shelli! You must feel so good after a “break” like this, huh? This is some greta momentum you’ve built, Shelli!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I am very much motivated to continue on with your words of afirmation. It really helps.
    @Retta – Every effort and good choice we’re doing it.
    @Kat – With all of the planning involved I really hate forgetting a towel when I swim. I’ll get the hand of it.
    @Beej – I’m glad to be back at work. I burn even more calories πŸ˜‰

  5. Way to go! You inspire me.

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