Day 189 Like a bat out of ….


My vacation plans so far have been working out, literally.  I did catch another cold but I’m not going to let that slow me down. 

So I faced this week with determination. I even designed a logo for the break.  I then set the goal to work out 3 times a day.  When I was making this plan I knew I could schedule 2 times a day and still have a resemblance of a vacation.  After this last quarter I really needed the break.  I however got over eager and made a declaration of 3 times a day on the first logo.  I  stretched the goal. I got over zealous.  At the beginning of Spring Break I felt like the soldier with the flag storming the hill with the army behind me.  Hmm if I don’t have a gun maybe I should let the army go before me.   I have adjusted the goal to a manageable 2 times a day.  Then if I get a third work out  in that will be an extra achievement for the day.

What do you think?  Did I take the easy road?


  1. Not the easy road at all! There’s no use pushing yourself for something you can’t sustain. You’re doing it just right! Goals sometimes need to be adjusted.

    You’re amazing me on your vacation–doing so much. This will surely pay dividends!

  2. Absolutely not. You certainly don’t want to injure yourself which is what might occur if you overdid it.

    Enjoy your two workouts a day! Love the logo. Don’t forget to up your water to hydrate your body during all your workouts.

  3. I don’t think so. I think you took the realistic road…and really, two workouts in a day is intense! I admire your determination and I sure hope you’re enjoying your BL week!

  4. Yeah, it’s a fine line between requiring more of ourselves, and not being unrealistic. Only you can know where that line is for you.
    I tend to do that approach too, where I set a good goal, and then leave room for a “bonus” achievement.

    Sounds like it’s going to be a productive vacation!

  5. I think 2 times a day is great and you are allowing yourself to do more if you want to…

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