Day 186 – Spring Break Challenge


        I’m focussed and determined!  This is going to kick-start me into a fabulous spring.  I have been planning this break for some time.  I normally have plans that involve an airplane and warm sun but not this time.  I want to work out as much as I can this vacation.   I will also be very focussed on my sleep and eating.  I have had too many vacations that I have wasted away in front of the tube.  Not this time.  However, it was very tempting this morning because Ice Road Truckers were on and the new season of Damages is on my DVR but I am determined. 

Day 1 – I slept in and had a restful morning.  I’m on vacation after all. I set up the DVD player in the extra bedroom and got right to work.  I did the Biggest Loser’s Last Chance Workout DVD.  It has Jillian screaming at last year’s contestants, Seon and Tara.  Love Tara. Go Green!  She is still amazing.  I loved her determination.  The work out was good. Most importantly the modifications allowed me to keep up with everyone and not put stress on my knee.
               I then got a few episodes of Ice Road Truckers in and then headed to the gym at school.  I cranked Mandisa and knocked out 20 minutes on the elliptical.  According to my Bodybugg I’m at a calorie deficit of 1281 so far today.  I’ll work out one more time today using Jillian’s DVD. Its going to be a great vacation!


  1. Enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Totally awesome. Just imagine all those pounds and calories you’re gonna shed!!!

  3. Good plan and great job so far Shelli!

  4. Wow, what a great “vacation”! You’re starting it off great–and your twitter feed is showing it, too!

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