Day 166 – Green Smoothies


       I’ve had some “miss adventures” with healthy eating these past few weeks.  I’ve started drinking green smoothies as a way to curve my appetite, to get a strong dosage of veggies and to have a healthy treat. I first heard about these drinks from some friends who drink them everyday for breakfast. My response was “yeah but its green.” Green is sometimes not the most appetizing color. Then I started reading about the drink and the many benefits. Here’s a link for some facts. I was more interested in the convenience. I need things to be quick and easy right now. I also tend to purchase the food that I’m suppose to eat but only for it to go bad because I don’t eat it as quickly as I should.    I can’t tell you how many bananas are in my freezer right now for that elusive banana bread recipe. 
(Me cook banana bread yeah right)? 
Well on to the miss adventures…

         So I had been pretty successful making the smoothies. I had found that the bananas were overpowering the taste so I came up with the perfect remedy; apples and cucumbers. I was becoming very creative by adding parsley and even raspberries. Note if you add raspberries your drink is no longer green and the seeds are quite entertaining to pick out of your teeth. Anyway, as I began to experiment with recipes I was feeling more and more confident. Maybe it was all the health benefits kicking in such as: more energy, less body aches and pain, normalized blood sugar, and clearer thought. Notice how they didn’t mention anything about clumsiness. Yep that’s right, picture a full powered blender spinning on its side spewing my newest concoction in every direction. Oh the mess. I can’t believe how much of it seeped down in between the cupboard and the oven. Well at least calories are burned while you clean and clean and clean. 
         My next miss adventure involved FIBER. I was in a hurry to make it to jury duty and I was determined to have a quick healthy breakfast. I had thought about making the drink the night before but as usually I talked myself into putting it off. (Gotta stop doing that). So as I rushed around the kitchen throwing apples, cucumber, lemon, and frozen grapes into the blender I noticed that the blender wasn’t blending. So as I often have done in the past I stuck a spoon in to mixed things around. Well it was a wooden spoon. Thump! Thump! Thumb! MMMM FIBER!

This healthy eating can be a real hassle.

Have you had any healthy miss adventures?

Check out Kat’s Green Smoothie Post.


  1. I want to start drinking these, thanks for the tips!

  2. LOL. How funny that we both just wrote about Green Smoothies! I love them and think they are great. I think I would be challenged to drink them in the cold Alaska winters. In Nov I started craving warmer food and the green smoothies were less appealing to me. I want to be drinking them more consistently because they really boost my weight loss. It must be all of the antioxidants. I have clumsy tendencies and have had a couple of episodes with green being on my wall, on the stove, on the counter, on the cart where I keep my fresh produce. Ugh! What a mess to clean it up!!

  3. Hmmm… cucumbers in the green smoothie. Never thought of that. I love the pumpkin in smoothies.

  4. I missed this mis-adventure! I laughed right out loud… I’ve done BOTH those things!
    I’ve done juicing, and ended up stopping due to the time consuming hassle of cleaning it all up afterwards…
    So, this way you are just putting the veggies right into a blender, and eating it all smooshed up??

    Hmmm….do you have a favorite combination, or “recipe”?? I am thinking if it’s as fast and easy as that, I might give it a whirl.

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