Happy that ….


Day 160 –
1. I am happy that I am going swimming this afternoon.
2. I am happy that I made good food choices today.
3. I am happy that I have a plan for dinner.
4. I am happy even though I have been without the internet I have kept a food journal and my Bodybugg stats.
5. I am happy that I have a frig full of veggies.
6. I am happy that tearing down my classroom so that the painters could paint did not spin me into an out of control eating binge.
7. I am happy that a student talked to me first before
      “taking matters into his own hands.”
8. I am happy that I took the time to allow 4 girls to get creative with my hair for crazy hair day at school today.
9. I am happy that I have to many blessings to count.
10. I am happy that who I am and what I have done or not done has lead me to this moment.

Now it’s your turn …… I am happy that ……



  1. Excellent post. It is so easy to get caught up in what is not right in our world that we sometimes forget all the blessings we have.

    • So very Thankful!

  2. I am happy that I read your blog before I headed off to bed tonight!
    Loved it,

    • Praying for you. I pray that the Lord will have the Doctor find nothing! In Jesus Name ~ Amen

  3. I am happy that my husband and I are both reading together in bed right now.
    I am happy that I can count blogs as reading material.
    I am happy you called me tonight because I thought about you all day!
    I am happy that I plan to call you back tomorrow….

    • Can’t wait. Sounds like you had a perfect evening.
      Love ya my friend

  4. I am happy I read this! I am happy I chose to use my friend’s Wii today! I’m happy I’m God’s girl… 🙂

    • I’m happy you came for a visit 😉

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