Day 142 — Week 20 Weigh In – 1.0 lb.



I lost 1.0 pound this week.

Starting Weight : 365.1
Current Weight : 344.8

Total pounds lost: – 20.3 lb.


      I was so excited about this weigh in.  I even had a crazy last chance workout in the pool last night.  I chased after every swimmer in front of me.  Some even had flippers on.  I was so ready to see a great number.  Darn!    Well its not about the number.  So I will hold my head high and keep on keeping on. 

I now might be even more excited for next Thursday. 🙂

So what can happen in a year’s time from 09/09/09-10/10/10? I will continue to answer this question within this blog.


  1. Hey, Shelli, a ponds down is a pound down! Nice work!!

  2. Hey there, I’m just starting out on my weight loss journey- seems like you’re doing a great job. Do you track your measurements too?

    • Great job taking the first step. You’re going to find a great community here. Fellow bloggers are so supportive. Yes I take my measurements every 10 lbs. I think it would be very motivational doing it sooner it’s just that I’m always so busy. Getting a handle on this schedule can be difficult.

  3. I can honestly say I know how ya feel! Let’s hope we both have a great next weigh in. It may not be “about the numbers”… but they are the result of your good choices and hard work. So it would be nice if the little buggers would cooperate, LOL!

  4. Another pound gone forever! I certainly understand your frustration with wanting that number to be higher, you’re doing fabulous though. I love that you’re swimming!

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