Day 136 – Perfect 10



Perfect 10 image from Pippa’s Porch


  1. How scary about that pier!

    Fantastic work on the crunches too! That is really great!

  2. Great job this week, Shelli! You’re doing so well in this challenge!

    Loved your fun fact. Those are great!!

  3. I grew up in So Cal, in the San Fernando Valley… born in Glendale. My favorite thing was going to Santa Monica, and P.O.P. (Pacific Ocean Park)… and of course walking the pier and eating salty pretzels.

    Looks like you nailed all 4 of your goals this week… excellent!

  4. You are doing great Shelli! Keep up the good work. I remember that storm – it was big news! My sister still works in San Clemente. I am due for a visit. I think I will wait until it stops raining….:-)

  5. Look at all those check marks! You are doing a great job Shelli. The pier story is scary…glad nothing happened.

  6. Great week for you, Shelli, congratulations!! Wow, those are a lot of crunches. I only averaged 150 a day last week. I’m going to catch up to you this week! =)

    • You’re on Pippa. I can’t wait to see what challenge my students will have for me come Monday.

  7. Look at all those check marks!!! So proud of you. Keep it up, girl!!

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