Day 123 – It’s what you do next that counts.


            I was walking through the airport the other day when an ad caught my eye.  The picture was of a beautiful golf course with lush green grasses and crashing waves on a dogleg left fairway.  It’s an impossible shot. The golf ball had come to rest on a soft patch of grass surrounded by rocks with the 18th green only about 120 yards away.  The golfer only the best the world has ever seen and the caption read, “It’s what you do next that counts.”   

            This goes along with many of my themes for the New Year.  I’m excited about the many possibilities ahead.  This excitement is not only for what can happen but for what new patterns I am establishing everyday in order to be ready for what ever may come my way.  Yes the golfer had a difficult shot and everyone knew that he would handle the pressure with ease but his preparation before this shot brought him the confidence for this moment.  He had proven himself time and time again so the public knew that the impossible could be made possible.  The potential was there.  The countless hours of practicing alone on the golf course chipping away at golf balls should be praised but what is seen in public is what gets the recognition.  So finding the connection between this and my weight loss goals is simple for me.  I am not looking to the scale for my victory.  I am looking at the patterns that I set everyday that will lead me to the moment on the scale when I have reached my goal weight.  It’s the process and to isolate one shot among many is not the true depiction of the journey.  It’s the how you get there that counts. “People don’t believe what you say. They believe what you do.”

So here are a few things that I am proud of this week…

        I went home.  That’s right something as simple as going home. I went home and cooked my dinner instead of hitting a fast food joint.  I used an elliptical for the first time.    I kept my food intake around 1500 calories.  I logged my calories and met my calorie burn everyday.  Finally, I didn’t beat my self up. I was nice to Shelli.

Primal Stride Challenge Day 2 recap


  1. Great job on going straight home. Amazing how something so simple can be so powerful.

    Give yourself a big hug from me too!

  2. What a good job establishing those healthy patterns.
    I like what you said about the scale. I always shake my head when people say things like “I hope the scale will be nice to me this week.”
    And I think to myself, uh no, the scale is an inert tool that simply gives feedback (though sometimes inaccurately) as to what kind of choices I made all week.
    Love the establishing patterns idea. Good habits, healthy routines. We are learning them. 🙂

  3. A more true statement has never been spoken. Good job on what you did next!

  4. Good job of creating healthy habits. That will set you up for a ton of success in this journey and life!

  5. I love this line: “I am not looking to the scale for my victory.”

    wow, wow!! I SOO needed to read that today after seeing my 2 lb gain this morning! Thank you for helping to put this all into perspective.

    Congrats on a great week!

  6. Congrats on making good choices and not letting the scale rule your emotions!

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