Day 93 — Week 13 Weigh In -1.2 lbs.



I lost -1.2 pounds this week.

Starting Weight : 365.1
Current Weight : 355.1

Total pounds lost: – 10.0 lb.

I’ll take it!

These next few weeks will be a little less than routine.  In fact there will be no routine.  I’m going on vacation which includes a 3 day cruise to Mexico and then I will be visiting  family and friends. So you can see the many bumps along the way that I may face.  I’ll handle it choice by choice, meal by meal and day by day.  Any advice will be appreciated.

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Congrats on the loss! And it sounds like you will have a wonderful vacation, with a cruise and then friends and family.

    The only suggestion I can think of is how it works for me… if I must make the decision of how to handle it over and over and over and over… that wears out my resolve! But if I start a vacation (or whatever) having already MADE ONE decision, then all I have to do is follow it, and apply it to the situation.

    For example, if my decision is to MAINTAIN (a realistic choice on a vacation where I am not so much in control of the menu) then there is no internal debate. The choice has been made. I am halfway home to success… now all I do it see how to make the matching food and portion choices to keep it going in the right direction.

    I hope I explained it clear enough. Anyway, have a wonderful vacation!
    PS: I just found your post… for some reason my blog reader thingie is goofing up and I am missing when people post!

    • Hi Loretta,
      I think this is very wise.
      Thank You

  2. Another step in the right direction! Great job, Shelli! I know you’ll do well on your vacation and your cruise. I know I sure didn’t do so well on my cruise back in May: I gained 6.8 pounds on a 7 day cruise. Eek! But then I lost it all the next week. I guess my best advice would be that you shouldn’t get too upset about a gain IF you have one–on this weight-loss journey, nothing can’t be undone.

    Fare-thee-well and God bless!!

  3. Shelli, having never been on a cruise, I can’t offer any advice on this specific situation. It probably would serve you well to go into this with a mindset that the worst you will permit yourself to do is eat normal amounts of food. No gorging, no overeating. If you aren’t particularly intrigued by a meal, make that a diet meal. Most of all, enjoy yourself.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the great work!

  5. Have a wonderful time on the cruise! What a fun thing to do this time of year!!
    BODA weight loss

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