Day 71 – Bodybugg


I had a great day yesterday.  My food and exercise choices were right on target. I felt proud.  It’s such a great feeling to be disciplined in the areas for which you’re struggling.  It was also an actual triumphant moment to log my calories consumed and download my calories burned into my bodybugg program.  When you watch the Biggest Loser you’ll hear the contestants speak of their “target burn” well they’re logging their information into their own bodybuggs.  I’m a gadget girl so I love to see tables, charts and graphs.  The boddybugg website has an abundance of charts such as your nutritional intake,  your nutrients for each meal and even the hours each calorie was burned during the day.  Give me a good pie chart or graph and I’m on cloud nine. So not only did I feel the pride reminiscing about the day I could actually see my progress revealed in the charts.


I’m learning more every day.





  1. Great job!

    I am a nerd with the graphs and numbers, too LOL! I have a GoWear fit and love to input all the numbers.

  2. Oh, I want a Bodybugg so bad!!! I know ME, and I know for a certain that it would motivate me… it would almost make it seem like a game.

    They are not yet compatible with Macs though. 😦 Well, by the time I save up the money, maybe they will be. 😀

  3. I really, really want one of these. 🙂

  4. Wonderful! I love those body bugg’s. I don’t have one, but during my journey to lose weight I totally would have bought one!!

    Great job!

  5. I love it! I love gadgets and charts and the visual progress as well! Have another strong day!

  6. That is soooo flipping awesome! Look at all those calories burnt!! Go you!

  7. Wow, that looks like a really cool device. Congratulations on a very strong day!

  8. Wow, this is so great! I’m seriously very interested in these, and I love that you’re talking about it. Maybe you can give us a mini review some time?

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