Day 69 – Hunger doesn’t happen.


            I have often heard the advertisements explaining how the next diet craze will curve your hunger.  Well folks I DON’T GET HUNGRY!  Not all obese people eat because they are hungry. If I got to this weight because I was hungry well then…

  • I would have food or traces of food hidden away all throughout the house, my car, my classroom and even under my big comfy chair.
  • I would eat large portions of food privately and small portions in public.
  • I would be thinking of my next meal before I had finished the meal I was eating. 
  • I would have happy thoughts throughout the day just knowing that there was ice cream in my frig. 

Wait a second those statements are true but for me it’s not about being hungry it’s about??????

Hmmmm????       “My inner child that just might need a spanking.”  I couldn’t resist. When I read  See Sara Shrink‘s posting I just had to laugh because it summed up how I feel.

I’m spoiled!  I want what I want and I want it now.  It’s how I got into debt and it’s how I ate and ate until I reached 367 pounds. 

The tantrums need to stop!


  1. haha, what a great way to look at it! I’m gonna hafta check out that blog you posted. It’s funny because I never really ate out of hunger either. I just wanted it…I love the taste of food and couldn’t get enough. Now that I’m making better choices and all, I am finally learning what it actually feels like to be “hungry” and to listen to my body.

    • It’s a good thing to finally start to listen and make better choices. You’r certainly seeing the results. You’re doing a great job!

  2. I agree, there is a “spoiled” immature component to all this. I, too, didn’t get overweight due to actual physical hunger. I used food to “feel better”, as a drug of choice, instead of dealing with issues.

    I guess I have a hard time, though, just making it about punishing myself for not being mature. A “spanking”–punishment–doesn’t tend to make me want to open up my deepest heart and face my issues with trust and transparency. It might just be my background, but I don’t respond to negative motivation approaches. It sort of feels to me like “kicking me when I’m already down”.

    It is when I STOPPED attacking myself for screwing up so badly, and became my own best friend and cheerleader that I started to change. I needed to NOT approach it with guilt, condemnation, “sin”, punishment, etc.

    Maybe this brings out memories for me of the “God is going to get you” kind of condemnation preaching that hurt me in the past. I needed–and still need–to hear that God totally understands and wants to help me mature and grow and change. That He is not out to punish me, but help me. I need to grow up, and require more of myself, from an affirming point of view, not criticism and punishment. Not even sure if that made sense!!

    Well, sorry to ramble on… this sort of hit a hot button! LOL!! I’m glad you are back, and going forward. We are learning, aren’t we?

    • Oh Loretta thank you for your insight and ultimately refocusing my thoughts. I smiled the whole time I read your comments because I totally agree. It was also easier to read because I am proud of my healthy choices I made today. So on the days when I begin to start that dialogue that beats me up or when I answer no to my friend’s question, “Are you being nice to Shelli?” I’ll have to remind myself to reread this post again and my post from Day 5.

      Once again Loretta there are so many layers to your comments I know that this will support me throughtout this journey.

      Keep rambling 🙂 and I’ll keeping rambling. 🙂

  3. It’s totally true, we want what we want, and we want it when we want it, and we want it NOW. But later or never needs to be okay, right?

  4. HI SIS…First off, I’m so proud of you!!! You’ve always been my inspiration for just reaching for your dreams, and just doin’ it your own way. I’m so excited for your progress and for you to realize that it’s what you need to do on your own terms and no one else. Keep in mind it’s coming from your lil’ BRO who has always looked up to you as my Sister, best friend, inspiration and a true free spirit that I strive to be. I’ve proudly told your story of moving to AK to many who would never understand or would say “AK…OMG…why would she move there???” (because in my belief they’re comfortable in their “normal-lower 48” lives that they would never even think about changing or moving to somewhere they’ve never been or experienced except when they’re only experiencing it through the Discovery Channel). I understand that you want to change…but…you’ve already done that by moving to AK, establishing yourself as an amazing teacher to your kids, school and community. I’m so proud and soooo there for you on this journey!!!! Keep it up and stay true to yourself and God, as you always have. Remember there should be no regrets because it’s not worth the mental effort nor anguish to think about self imposed regrets, nor is it worth the energy to listen or believe in the worry of others who “mean well.” Instead, just accept responsibility for yourself, like you have already done so, and just do what you need to do on your own terms however long it takes. I love you and keep moving forward to your goal.

  5. I used to not ever get hungry – ever. I have experienced real hunger now though. It is actually nice to get to that point.

  6. I can definitely relate. I am working on emotional eating and identifying real hunger this week too. I passed along an award to you on my blog this week…:-)

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