Day 63 – So did you hear him?


Hi I’m back.   To make up for my absence I posted picutres. 🙂

         Ok so I’ve been away for a long time. Yes, alright a really long time.  I’m calling those days “THE LOST DAYS.” I’m going to analyze those days in the postings to come.


So did you hear him?

            Last week during the Biggest Loser I couldn’t help but role my eyes a number of times.  The comment by Robert P. Casey Jr. United States Senator for Pennsylvania really got my blood boiling.  In reference to the contestants and how they were role models and a symbol of hope for the nation he stated that we Americans needed this inspiration because we are “living through a time of real darkness.”
            YES, a giant YES I need their inspiration!   The contestants are fabulous role models.    They are working hard and chasing a goal.    They are examples of what is possible.  They are turning their lives around and putting in their time and effort for a final result. But good grief!    
“A time of real darkness” please give me a break.      
            Oh woe is me. I have to live in the land of opportunity. Oh woe is me.  Are you kidding me?    Fortunately, I’m not depressed about the state of my country.     Am I concerned?   You better believe it.     But I know what makes America truly great and it’s not our government or our politicians.
            It’s Americans who keep on keeping on.  It’s Americans who work hard, play harder and care for one another.    It’s our finest hour when Americans stand together united.    It’s our finest hour when Americans stick by their individual choices and convictions.    It’s our finest hour when privately but collectively we turn to our neighbors for a hand up and not our government for a hand out. 

So what does this have to do with a weight loss blog? 

            Well this one statement and a whole lot of prayer motivated me to get on with the program.  It is so easy to loose sight when you focus on the length of the road you have to travel.    When that focus is skewed and the “Woe is me” Eeyore effect visits it is too easy to loose sight of what makes you great.    All the choices and connections with friends, coworkers and family is truly your finest part about this life.  The choice to adjust your life style daily will assure health along the way.  That’s what I want health.    So Mr. Casey I choose not to focus on the “darkness” that is my situation regarding the amount of weight I have to loose but the possibilities of health to come.  I choose not to focus on the “darkness” of the long road but on the hope that is to come day by day and choice by choice.

It’s what we do!


  1. So glad you’re back. And man, you’re back!

    Great post, and I did have a chuckle at that comment on Biggest Loser…

  2. I’m glad you’re back, too. And all fired up and ready to go… and focusing on the right stuff. Sounds like you had a “learning experience.”
    Well, that’s how we learn and make progress. I’ve sure had my share of Learning Experiences on this journey! LOL!

    • Hope and possibilities the spice of life. Why spend it dreading past choices. Pick up your boot straps and move on. There is honor in that.

  3. I am glad to see you are back!

    I did not hear this, and it is probably better that I didn’t. It sounds like a scripted photo op to me. That really, really gets under my skin.

  4. Hi Shelli….just wanted to let you know I was here and that I love you no matter what.

    • Thank you Jaimee, It means so much to me, my friend.

  5. Glad to see you back. Missed your posts!

  6. Glad to see you back too!
    I saw the episode as well and really thought most of that meeting was so scripted…even when the contestants talked. That whole segment angered me for many reasons I won’t go into right now…

  7. Hi Shelli,

    I am glad you are back too! I really believe that as long as we stay in the game and keep on reaching for our goals, we will achieve them. I missed last weeks BL and forgot to save it on the dvr before it was erased. It make be a dark time for our country, but there is light and good and that is what I prefer to pray any focus on! Are you by any chance from Southern California?

    • Yes I believe that as well. Let the storm of doubt move on by because the possibilites are endless.

      Why yes SoCal born and raised. Why????

      • Are you from southern orange county? I am and I have been thinking that you seem really familiar to me. Did you go to Shore Cliffs or San Clemente High?

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